[Drama News] BTS Making Videos of Mi Rae’s Choice

This update comes out a tad late because Hanjae and I had to go on the mend after finishing off the recap, LOL! Our initial idea of this post is that we wanted to put up a compiled BTS makings and look back on how fun it was for Mi Rae’s Choice on the set even though the drama itself did not pan out the way it should be. We wanted to appreciate the casts and crews, the friendly atmostphere that enveloped the whole team and simply enjoy watching the couples interact in real life – something we could not be satisfied from watching the drama.

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Fan Made Videos for Mi Rae’s Choice

Even though Mi Rae’s Choice has officially wrapped up, it isn’t over because I only found time to start looking at goodies and videos. LOL. I stumbled upon a few really well made ones by Boice (I think) and just want to share it. ^ ^ The videos are high quality and very well done with suitable BGM so it is worth the collection. 🙂

Park Se Joo

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Mi Rae’s Choice: Episodes 13-14

All the secrets are finally revealed and Mi Rae actually gets to be in on it for a change. It’s about time. Surprisingly little progress is made, however, as our main characters remain largely frozen in stasis in the painful aftermath of their crumbling romantic relationships and career setbacks. La Petite and I have made much of spring bringing new beginnings after the snow, but Episodes 13 and 14 introduce more stumbling blocks (with some strange plot detours that makes me wonder whether the writer is as confused as we are) than positive change. Let’s just say that much will have to occur in the finale week if we’re to be left with something beyond unfulfilled hopes.

We have combined our separate recaps into one post this week because these two episodes should probably be watched together – it’s difficult enough to understand individually!

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Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 11

Episode 11 puts the progress of relationship in the background and focus more on our heroine i.e. Mi Rae’s discovery of her career goal and concentrate further on developing her character’s growth. Even though the progress of relationship becomes secondary, nonetheless, it was well-covered in regards to how each of the 4 main characters should behave when all of their feelings are out in the open. More secret is unravel and we begin to understand Ajumma’s motivations and determination to do what it takes to change Mi Rae’s future.

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[Drama News] The Smiles behind Mi Rae’s Choice BTS Pictorials

Awwww… look at that. How sweet. I have always adored behind the scenes pictures because you get to see the actors true interactions and appreciate their hard work and effort. Four more episodes till we get to the bottom of Mi Rae’s Choice. I am happy and sad. Happy that I can finally take a break from recapping and sad that I’d have to say goodbye to my most loved character – Park Se Joo.

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[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice Episode 11 Preview

Mi Rae’s Choice Episode 11 preview is out and oh dear ~

1. Jung Yong Hwa – you look exhausted! Quick, someone kidnap him and let him sleep!
2. It does not look like Mi Rae has accepted Shin’s confession at the outing
3. Interesting development! Seo Yoo Kyung approaches Miranda herself! I wonder what will Miranda’s impression of Yoo Kyung be?
4. Looks like Se Joo will hear Mi Rae confiding the truth to Oppa… should I bring out the confetti now?

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[Drama News] Jung Yong Hwa Shares a Cooking Moment with Yoon Eun Hye

Did anyone see pieces of broken hearts somewhere? [伤心]   >> Where are Yoo Kyung and Shin?
I’m not sure how to feel or think about these new set of photo stills anymore! [悲伤] Writer-nim, you! You are playing with the viewers’ hearts! This pictures came at a bad time because I was listening to 2Am Chang Min’s ‘Moment’ from The Heirs OST. So imagine listening to “Love is the momenttttttt’ and you get greeted by the image above!

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[Drama News] Yoon Eun Hye’s Change of Heart in Mi Rae’s Choice

Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) is the new set of stills the production team decides to release for tonight’s episode of Mi Rae’s Choice. The new haircut depicts a 180 degree transformation from her previous self. Mi Rae is now seen sporting a straight bob haircut. I must admit that I was getting used to the noodle hair and it’s not too much of a distraction when she ties them up. However, this sure looks way better and less messier – so is that also mean she will be more decisive from now on and less flighty? Usually when girls get haircuts under the influence of emotions, it means they want to undergo certain changes e.g. a change of heart or a change of mood etc. I just hope the change of heart is not what I think it is…

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