My Love From The Stars

My Love From The Stars (also known as You Who Came From The Stars) starts us off a good year in K-drama land with Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. When the drama premiered, it received a rating of 17% for its first episode due to the fact that the story started off really strong and captivating with excellent special effects. It then gradually increases and ended with 29.6% for its finale.

My Love From The Stars has captured a lot attention before airing because it is the first comeback drama after 14 years from A-list actress Jeon Ji Hyun, and it is the second time that she and Kim Soo Hyun work together after the most talked about on-screen kiss they shared in the hit movie The Thieves (Jeon Ji Hyun doesn’t do kissing scenes and she has only ever done it with Hugh Jackman and Kim Soo Hyun). We also have Kim Soo Hyun who happens to I-don’t-know-for-sure-what but possibly a good eye for projects, or probably saved the universe in his past life that so far any projects he is in, it becomes a big hit and garners fantastic TV ratings in Korea. Continue reading


My Love From The Stars: Yoo Se Mi’s Fashion


Apart from the fashion queen that is Chung Song Yi, Yoo Se Mi who is portrayed by Yoo In Na also gets to enjoy wearing pretty clothes in My Love From The Stars. Due to the fact that Se Mi is a two-face goody good girl so a lot of her clothes are sophisticated, conservative and the girl’s next door type of clothes. Can I just say I don’t enjoy posting woman fashion? Because there is just soooooooooo many more! I’ll die when I get to Song Yi’s (contemplating on procastinating a little longer now…).
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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: It’s A Wrap!

My Love From The Stars casts, staff and crews held their wrap-up party privately last night in a restaurant with tight security. I must say if The Heirs’ fans or MinShin shippers still complain about how their favourite OTP never had a picture taken together during Heirs’ wrap-up, they should look at this post because there is none whatsoever between Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun or even any pictures of them with anyone else released as of yet. There are only 3 tiny, blurry pathetic pictures of Kim Soo Hyun and none of Jeon Ji Hyun. All I could see is their backs! There were no pictures of the Stars couple upon arrival either because they arrived earlier to the party to avoid the press media. *Grrrrrrrr*

*Flip tables*

Other than that everyone else have attended the party apart from Park Hae Jin and Yoo In Na due to work commitment. Now I can only hope that as time passes, some kind soul(s) would share more BTS pictures of the casts. Pretty pleaseeee~
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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars Finale: Alternate Ending

Finally, we got to see the proper ending for Min Joon and Song Yi from My Love From The Stars. It’s pretty short but it’s definitely a much more satisfying happy ending that has some sort of closure towards Min Joon’s space traveling; it clues us in that eventually he found his way back to Song Yi, and is able to stay permanenetly for as long as he wishes. He may live longer than her and watch her die, but what matter to them the most was the moment and the time they spent together. Perhaps Song Yi would leave 7 children & 5 dogs behind for him to worry about, so he wouldn’t be as lonely as he used to be, right?

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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars to Air Special Ending + BTS

That’s right Stars fans! At the end of yesterday’s re-run for My Love From The Stars finale, there was a message for us that says the director will unveil the alternate ending at 10 am KST on 4th Mar on the official SBS website. I can’t say I am not excited or unhappy at all to hear about this news, especially after hearing there was more to Min Joon saying ‘I am home’ and the bed-hugging scene.

I shall not reveal what I heard just in case that’s just a rumour and let us all wait for the real deal tomorrow. I am unsure which webpage we can see this but I suspect it should be under its own official Stars website. Other than this greaaaaat news that is temporary filling my alien-sized black hole in the heart with hopeful shooting stars & happiness, there was a behind the scenes video clip being shared last night that captured lots of attention.

Why? Hee hee hee… of course it has everything to do with uri lovey-dovey couple *giggles*

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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 18 – End Stills

As I type this a sudden sadness develop within me because I really am not ready to finish off this post. It feels like if I do, I’ll have to let go of Song Yi and Min Joon. I already have started to miss them. [悲伤]

Previous stills at > (1)  (2) (3) and Grazia.

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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars Confirmed An Episode Extension

The production company of My Love From The Stars – HB Entertainment has confirmed that we will get an episode extension which will make it a total episodes of 21 and is expected to air on February 27. There is also speculation that the drama may have to postpone airing on Feb 20 due to Winter Olympics if one of the Korean athlete goes into final round but we shall wait for news confirmation to cry over it later.

I have half expected that we will get an episode extension since the drama only air an episode during the Lunar New Year holidays or we will get another special (if we have a special about the beginning then most likely we would get an end, right?) to even out the airing time for the next upcoming drama, Three Days.
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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 12-17 Stills

The angst is starting from now on. Ugh, I don’t know whether to be happy or not. But it’s the path that we must go on with the Stars couple in order for us to see their love blossom and becomes fruitful (by this I mean literally watching them have alien babies teleporting around the house in the end!).

More stills at > (1)  (2) and Grazia.

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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 14 Preview

Episode #14 preview is finally released and it’s really short. They were still shooting episode 14 yesterday and some BTS pictures from fans went viral on the net (but you won’t see it here [阴险]). The schedule is very very tight. Sigh~ but let’s just focus on angry alien. He’s angry because Song Yi is hurt is what I assumed but I really hope he doesn’t materialize away from the interrogation room. Eek! Well, angry Do Min Joon is going to be pretty hot to look at. [得意地笑]

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