Awesome Teasers for The Three Musketeers & More Stills!

tvN releases yet another teaser trailer for The Three Musketeers, and this time featuring an all characters version. One word: Daebak! Well, at least for me… 🙂

The teaser starts off with Lee Jin Wook all calm and prince-like with his men protecting him, and then we see Jung Yong Hwa sword-fighting on the table while the other two Musketeers – Yang Dong Geun & Jung Hae In fight off enemies on the ground. We also get a few glances of the ladies – Yoo In Young and Seo Hyun Jin in the teaser, and I absolutely love what I see… ❤

While all 3 boys being super badass kicking arses on the sideline, the Crown Prince Seohyeon slices a man to save his wife, Yoon Seo. Meanwhile another woman, Jo Mi Ryung watches with sadness from afar. It’s difficult to completely interpret what the short teaser is trying to convey, but we can pretty much sense their feelings, and the dynamics around these characters.
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Official Poster & Two More Character Teasers Released for The Three Musketeers


Full promotion has begun as tvN releases the first official poster for The Three Musketeers, along with two more individual character teasers for the remaining two musketeers – Yang Dong Geun and Jung Hae In. The swashbuckling members are complete: Uri Musketeers are now All for One and One for All.

What’s left is for tvN to continue impress us further with the girls’ teasers. I await with utmost anticipation!

Tune in to tvN as The Three Musketeers premieres on August 17.
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Lee Jin Wook Looking Almighty in The Three Musketeers Teaser


After swooning over the dashing Jung Yong Hwa as hero Park Dal Hyang last night, I am now abusing the replay button for Crown Prince Lee Jin Wook in the short teaser from The Three Musketeer. ❤ Both teasers look so good! Lee Jin Wook looks amaaazing! The costume, the lighting to the colours, and the visual. Charismatic characters stills have been released for both characters too.

One word to describe this all: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

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[Drama News] Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yong Hwa & Kim Ji Suk in tvN’s The Three Musketeers!?


tvN is investing 10 billion won in a huge drama production named The Three Musketeers, and at the moment we have Lee Jin Wook (Nine) being casted as Crown Prince Sohyeon. CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa (Mirae’s Choice) is reported to have auditioned, but due to his singer’s status and busy schedule, it is still undecided. Meanwhile Kim Ji Suk (Personal Taste) is also currently in talks.

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