[Fan Vid] The Heirs by The B

The B makes one of the best fan-made videos since the Faith time. I’m so glad to have him or her on board for The Heirs too.

[NEW] The Vampire Inheritor


Gosh, The Heirs fever is still on? That said, The B has made a fan video that looks way more interesting than the original drama Onion Head Emoticons 14

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[A Present from Tani – Last set] Kim Tan fashion for Auction!

The last set of Kim Tan’s fashion auction is here and I can’t believe he is auctioning off this blue Gucci sweater and coat! WAEEEEE? Keep it! Aishhh, I supposed it will benefit more if he auctions it since the whole nation (and internationally) the fans loved him in it.

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The Heirs: Kim Tan’s Fashion Episode 1- 20

This is very very interesting. This person has taken a lot of time putting this together and now we are benefitting from it. So here we are, Kim Tan’s fashion from episode 1 to 20 all in a glance. There might be more to what Lee Min Ho has worn but I think even I myself didn’t notice the shirts that he wore because it’s covered by sweater and coat/jacket.

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[Drama News] The Heirs on SBS Midnight Entertainment

Before The Heirs ended, SBS Mightnight Entertainment did a quick interview with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in between their free time of shooting. I pity them both, they got so busy that they’ve only slept for an hour. Both their dark circles and eye bags were huge. Ah well, now they can sleep for 24 hours non-stop until their next scheduled work. Kim Woo Bin was also interviewed in this but it was done separately. He expresses his envy with the kiss Lee Min Ho had with Park Shin Hye. He said he has asked Min Ho how it felt. Aigoo, if you really want to know, you should’ve smooched her at the wrap up party!

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[Drama News] The Heirs: Wrap Up Party

The wrap up party photos for The Heirs are here and you know what’s funny? There were pictures from various news source of the stars arriving at the venue but none of Lee Min Ho and everyone wonders why the main male lead didn’t attend, some even wondered if he was going to be late & attempted to make an entrance! But turned out it was neither of that, the reason was because….

… He arrived earlier than everyone else so only Minoz got pictures of him! [哈哈]

[挖鼻屎] Honestly dude…

Okay ~ pictures time!

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The Heirs: Episode 17

 photo 1_zps0d1c61f5.jpg

This is the hardest episode that I have to recap so far. My heart aches for TanSang so much in episode! I loved this episode because it delivered so much feels and made me cry when I first watched it without subs. I couldn’t sleep thinking about how helpless and broken Tanny and Eun Sang was. Trust me when you watch this episode you can’t help but feel a little depressed. We follow Tanny losing his mind after discovering the consequences for wielding his sword against his father. He not only lost Eun Sang, he lost his dream, his strength and his soul mate. The guilt coupled with losing his dream of having a loving family and his beloved hyung sent him over the edge. All the years of holding it in and keeping a brave face all crumpled down on him as he discovered the empty maid’s room, the empty locker and the empty apartment. Continue reading