News Snippets: Script Reading, Casting and New Dramas


Script reading and more casting news for new dramas continue and I can’t help but feel a little sad that my round of biases have all finished their yearly quota of drama this year and the new ones aren’t very interesting to me, well, so far anyway. From the description of each drama, I haven’t found one that I feel compelled to check it out or is at least looking extremely forward to. 😦

Nodame Cantabile V.2 is something I would definitely check it out in hope to enjoy the love I have for classical music but whether or not it will succeed will solely depend on the casting and right now, it’s not looking good! 😥 I’m fairly interested with the plot for The Night Watchman’s Journal and is fairly excited to hear casting is in progress and will wait to see who else gets casted before I jump in joy whereas couple of the Crazies are fairly excited with Joseon Gunman starring Lee Jun Ki.

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My Love From The Stars: The Last Kiss

My Love From The Stars to many people may be mediocre, or perhaps think there is nothing great about it. However, to many others and I, it is definitely special and still is. I can only say because it was super cute (of the written characters and the way the story was told) and it is a ‘true’ romance comedy.

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My Love From The Stars: Director’s Cut DVD Preview Teaser

Arf! The PD of My Love From The Stars decided to release a preview of what we will get in the Director’s cut DVD,  due to release some time April 25. And oh my god, I love the preview! I see so much interactions between Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. I feel the happiness and fun already just watching the behind the scenes! Awww, I miss them. Unfortunately the quality of the video isn’t superb so I couldn’t go crazy with the screencaps, so you guys will just have to abuse the replay button like I’m going to after I finished with this post. 🙂 Continue reading

My Love From The Stars

My Love From The Stars (also known as You Who Came From The Stars) starts us off a good year in K-drama land with Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. When the drama premiered, it received a rating of 17% for its first episode due to the fact that the story started off really strong and captivating with excellent special effects. It then gradually increases and ended with 29.6% for its finale.

My Love From The Stars has captured a lot attention before airing because it is the first comeback drama after 14 years from A-list actress Jeon Ji Hyun, and it is the second time that she and Kim Soo Hyun work together after the most talked about on-screen kiss they shared in the hit movie The Thieves (Jeon Ji Hyun doesn’t do kissing scenes and she has only ever done it with Hugh Jackman and Kim Soo Hyun). We also have Kim Soo Hyun who happens to I-don’t-know-for-sure-what but possibly a good eye for projects, or probably saved the universe in his past life that so far any projects he is in, it becomes a big hit and garners fantastic TV ratings in Korea. Continue reading

My Love From The Stars: Chun Song Yi’s Fashion

I figure I should stop proscastinating, get it over and done with with this one last post that I dreaded compiling up so much. This is especially for those who was kind enough to delurk & message me in letting me know you’d love to see this post. Thank you. So here it is, the last fashion post for our beloved Fashion Queen: Chun Song Yi from My Love From The Stars. Continue reading

My Love From The Stars: Yoo Se Mi’s Fashion


Apart from the fashion queen that is Chung Song Yi, Yoo Se Mi who is portrayed by Yoo In Na also gets to enjoy wearing pretty clothes in My Love From The Stars. Due to the fact that Se Mi is a two-face goody good girl so a lot of her clothes are sophisticated, conservative and the girl’s next door type of clothes. Can I just say I don’t enjoy posting woman fashion? Because there is just soooooooooo many more! I’ll die when I get to Song Yi’s (contemplating on procastinating a little longer now…).
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My Love From The Stars: Chun Yoon Jae’s Fashion


My procastination on Chun Song Yi’s fashion post had led me to do the side characters’ fashion posts first, heh. Stay tuned for Hwi Kyung and Se Mi’s later but now we focus on Song Yi’s cute little brother, Chun Yoon Jae. I still can’t get my head around to accept the fact that this boy is 26 years old (Born 1st July, 1987) in real life and not that rebellious 18 years old high schooler he played in the show. *Aarghh*

My mind keeps registering him as a teenager each time I see him rather than a man who is same age as Lee Min Ho and is hyung to Kim Soo Hyun! Maybe, just maybe when I see him in the right age, mature role (e.g. You’re All Surrounded) I’ll be able to fix this recognition problem.

Okay, let’s have a look at model turns actor – Ahn Jae Hyun in an 18 years old skin of Chun Yoon Jae with fashion.
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My Love From The Stars: Do Min Joon’s Fashion

One of the big buzz of My Love From The Stars has got to be the fashion in the show. Here we are, fashion nazi gogoboi has once again compiled almost all the branded clothes worn by Kim Soo Hyun as alien professor / manager – Do Min Joon. Personally, I have always had a thing for men’s winter coats and Kim Soo Hyun hit the jackpot for me with a lot of the coats he wore. Funnily in real life, I noticed Kim Soo Hyun isn’t the kind that cares much about fashion. Too bad because if I were him, I would ask to take some of these clothes home!
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[OST] My Love From The Stars + Special

I am well aware that it’s a strategy to earn more dough for the relevant organizations when they announced there will be special OST release from My Love From The Stars of the song ‘Promise’ sung by Kim Soo Hyun in episode 20 but as an addicted Stars’ drama lover, I can’t be more happy about this news than to care about the scheme these business people are employing. All I know is… give it to me! Gimme gimme *making grabby hands*

To be honest, the song ‘In front of your house’ by Kim Soo Hyun did not come off catchy or particularly amazing so yes, I am in joy that they decided to release ‘Promise’, because this song holds more meaning to his character Do Min Joon and the situation at the time for their relationship, thus, it gives us more feels than ‘In front of your house’ – which I thought is more appropriately suited to Lee Hwi Kyung when it was released. However, I did think it suited Min Joon later on (in terms of lyrics) when he was trying to get back to Song Yi. Continue reading

[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: It’s A Wrap!

My Love From The Stars casts, staff and crews held their wrap-up party privately last night in a restaurant with tight security. I must say if The Heirs’ fans or MinShin shippers still complain about how their favourite OTP never had a picture taken together during Heirs’ wrap-up, they should look at this post because there is none whatsoever between Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun or even any pictures of them with anyone else released as of yet. There are only 3 tiny, blurry pathetic pictures of Kim Soo Hyun and none of Jeon Ji Hyun. All I could see is their backs! There were no pictures of the Stars couple upon arrival either because they arrived earlier to the party to avoid the press media. *Grrrrrrrr*

*Flip tables*

Other than that everyone else have attended the party apart from Park Hae Jin and Yoo In Na due to work commitment. Now I can only hope that as time passes, some kind soul(s) would share more BTS pictures of the casts. Pretty pleaseeee~
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[Drama News] My Love From The Stars Finale: Alternate Ending

Finally, we got to see the proper ending for Min Joon and Song Yi from My Love From The Stars. It’s pretty short but it’s definitely a much more satisfying happy ending that has some sort of closure towards Min Joon’s space traveling; it clues us in that eventually he found his way back to Song Yi, and is able to stay permanenetly for as long as he wishes. He may live longer than her and watch her die, but what matter to them the most was the moment and the time they spent together. Perhaps Song Yi would leave 7 children & 5 dogs behind for him to worry about, so he wouldn’t be as lonely as he used to be, right?

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[Drama News] LINE’s Brown & Cony in My Love From The Stars

This is probably the last LINE sticker set we will ever get now that My Love From The Stars have ended and we have been lucky and spoilt that they give us another free set and this time without expiry dates. However, sayonara to my hope of getting a set of real life Do Min Joon sticker! Adios to getting a ‘face-palm’ Do Manager.

Ah~ WAEEEE?!! *Wail* *Rolling on the floor in tears*
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