Adorable Chef Couple Jasper Liu & Puff Guo on SPOP 華流

Omo omo omo! How cute (and a bit sexy) are these photos of Jasper Liu and Puff Guo, taken for July edition of Chinese magazine SPOP 華流 (Hua Liu)? These two are currently working together in a Friday night drama named Love Myself, or You? (also known as Pleasantly Surprised).

The couple’s chemistry is pretty natural and visually, they match well; it makes it really easy to like them as an OTP. And then of course, we are also lucky to score two well written characters (well, so far). Hence, I really like what I see in this photoshoot, which is filled with cuteness and oozes a bit of sensuality between the two. It’s a much straight forward photoshoot as compared to June’s edition, featuring Aaron Yan and Tia Li on the cover (Link 1 and 2), as I find theirs were really creative, new and artistic.
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First Impression: Love Myself or You?


Love Myself or You? (also known as Pleasantly Surprised) is the new Taiwanese drama that takes over the Friday time slot of In A Good Way starring Puff Guo and Jasper Liu. It has aired 2 episodes and so far, I like almost everything about the show – from character set up to the storyline, and I especially love a drama about food! Yummmmmm~ French cuisine ❤

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