[Fan Vid] The Heirs by The B

The B makes one of the best fan-made videos since the Faith time. I’m so glad to have him or her on board for The Heirs too.

[NEW] The Vampire Inheritor


Gosh, The Heirs fever is still on? That said, The B has made a fan video that looks way more interesting than the original drama Onion Head Emoticons 14

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[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Awards Fashion 2009 – 2013


Tomorrow is SBS Drama Awards 2013 and it’s that time of the year where the stars battle out on the red carpet on who is the best dressed! Lee Min Ho has been looking gorgeous each time he attended the awards especially last year’s so I am expecting him to blow up more ovaries tomorrow night. I’m going to be busy nose-bleeding as a few of my biases are attending, hahaha! That said, I do hope Lee Jong Suk will dye his hair back to black in time (why the hell he is in blonde today at the Hot Blooded Youth press con is beyond me. [泪] ). Wait, are all the boys from The Heirs attending too? OMGGGG ~~ I don’t have money to buy a new screen monitor! [悲伤]

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Lee Min Ho ‘Sizzling Hot’ in News Articles Interviews

Few days ago we have seen selca of Lee Min Ho doing interviews with 2 journalists and finally the interview articles are released today and I nearly died of heart-attack when I woke up to see the sea of dead bodies and the deadly weapon laying before my eyes. I would say finally it is HIS turn because I’ve been flooded with Kim Woo Bin before him and was wondering why he hasn’t gotten his share of the hall of fame after The Heirs ended.

Here’s what kills… ogle time is here, Lee Min Ho fans! Disclaimer: The blog and its post on Lee Min Ho is not liable for the damage it caused to its reader(s). Enter at your own risk!

NOTE: Please do not Hotlink the images to other forums/sites. Kindly save the pics and upload to your own image hosting site(s).

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[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Airport Fashion 2013

Right after the end of The Heirs, Lee Min Ho ships himself to Singapore for an event and this is what the man wore from Incheon airport to Changi airport. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Nothing like Kim Tan, right? Of course not! Whatever Kim Tan wears especially those funky colorful ones are not Lee Min Ho’s personal style. His personal wardrobe consists of major colours of black, grey & white although occasionally he does get a bit adventurous, lol. Here’s a compilation of this year’s airport style.

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[2013] An Hour Chat with Lee Min Ho on Weibo!

On December 20th, 2013 – Lee Min Ho had a date with fans online at 3 – 4PM on China’s SNS – Weibo. Here’s the entire screenies of his conversation with the questions he picked to answer. Fans have already fired him gazillions questions way before the chatting start and it’d be impossible for him to answer all. Fans were still shooting questions at him in that one hour at the speed of lighting. I didn’t even bother reading anymore…

At exactly 3PM through the help of the translator / staff, Lee Min Ho said: My Chinese is not good… so my Chinese staff will help me ^ ^

  • I’m just going to laugh at him and say this, “you don’t even know Chinese apart from your name, I love you and thank you.” [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

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The Heirs: Kim Tan’s Fashion Episode 1- 20

This is very very interesting. This person has taken a lot of time putting this together and now we are benefitting from it. So here we are, Kim Tan’s fashion from episode 1 to 20 all in a glance. There might be more to what Lee Min Ho has worn but I think even I myself didn’t notice the shirts that he wore because it’s covered by sweater and coat/jacket.

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