The Kings of CF: Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun


Following the success of The Heirs and My Love From The Stars (also known as You Who Came From the Stars), both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun have become the most sought out Korean male artists for many large companies’ brand model, ambassador, spokeperson, or endorser (what’s the difference?) in their home country and overseas i.e. China. I must say I am really shocked at the news being released one after another regarding their new contract of endorsements. I did a little digging and calculations of the total of CFs both men now endorse, and it comes to a rather shocking number. I have a feeling it is still increasing! *dizzy*

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[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Airport Fashion 2014

A new year means a whole new fashion post for Lee Min Ho. If you are interested in his Airport Fashion 2013, please proceed to ➡ HERE.

I think so far so good with his fashion choices in 2014. Early half of 2014, I can see that Lee Min Ho still retain a bit of Kim Tan in him and that reflect on his fashion; especially in public activities (but not so much in airport fashion). However, as he took on the role of Kim Dae Jong in Gangnam Blues and with summer visiting, he’s dressing a lot more casual and is seen completely shed off the Kim Tan’s curse of funny fashion style. I am happy to announce that uri Min Hot is now back to the Lee Min Ho I once knew, who dresses “normally”. \(^0^)/ HAHAHA~  

It really helps that the VIP minoz are all professional photographers now; it’s satisfying to see high quality pictures shared so we can study his fashion sense from head to toe.

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Lee Min Ho in One Line Romance: Episode 3 [End]

Lee Min Ho for NAVER LINE Messenger Micro Drama [EPISODE 3 -.mp40052

How quick we have reached the end of Min Ho and Ling Ling’s romance story, however, in the story, it is only the beginning of their journey as a couple. 🙂 LINE gives them a perfect ending to the courtship and also presented to us how we can maintain our relationships/courtship with people we love through the use of social media app. In reality, we often get too busy or tied up with our own lives that we forget to maintain communication with people we care about or it can be difficult to communicate with our loved ones face-to-face and this is where LINE app can come in to help us. Continue reading

LINE Naver China Releases Micro Drama ‘One Line Romance’ with Lee Min Ho


Recently a LINE App CF micro drama has been released on the web starring Lee Min Ho and Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden Kuo. The CF is co-produced by LINE Naver and HB Entertainment who is the production company behind the hit drama – My Love From The Stars hence we also get to see Song Yi’s manager and stylist in the CF. And this time, they are working for the musician/composer – Lee Min Ho. The CF micro drama named One Line Romance (or I would call it Love at First LINE as opposed to Love at first sight) is light, fun and fluffy to watch and for now, only the first episode is released. With the release of this CF drama, LINE China also releases free Love at First Line sticker set but unfortunately, I read that only those who lives in China and register their Chinese mobile number will be able to download the sticker. 😥

This sort of micro drama isn’t new to me or possibly the Asian countries as I have seen a few really lovely ones before this. I must say I really like the idea of micro CF dramas as compared to the really short and boring (sometimes ridiculous) CFs we often see on TV these days. These sort of CF tends to draw more attention from the viewers as it isn’t just about a product they are trying to sell but also the storyline and the casts.

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Lee Min Ho Attended 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment Conference


The shocking news (at least for me) of today was seeing Lee Min Ho walking and sitting few metres away from Korea’s President Park Geun Hye. Apparently, uri Min Ho has been invited to attend as a representative of entertainment industry at the 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment conference on April 4 to offer suggestions on the topic of ‘Success Strategy for Hallyu Wave.’

The conference is presided by President Park Geun Hye herself and attended by the chairman, experts and members of the Presidential Commitee for Cultural Enrichment. They discussed about the future plans for developing and expanding the country’s cultural content market. As the only entertainer and representative who attended the meeting, Lee Min Ho gave suggestions to the development of Hallyu culture by sharing his own experience with the commitee members.

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Lee Min Ho: “KyoChon’s Chicken, Beer or Me?”


I swear both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun will be the death of me with all these activities going on non-stop, although I do not intend to update all of their scheduled activities but occasionally I couldn’t resist because (1) They purify my eyes (2) I love them (3) I miss seeing them in dramas so this is the only way to quench my thrist of them (figuratively speaking).

Has anyone had dinner yet? Should we have supper at KyoChon for some fried chicken (and beer) endorsed by uri Min Ho-ssi, Crazies?

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Lotte Duty Free: New Models Line Up & Dream Journey CFs


As previously mentioned in EXO for Lotte Duty Free, actor Lee Min Ho, Eru and Park Shin Hye have also joined the Lotte Duty Free family along with Super Junior, 2PM, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk. Wait… oh what? Did Lotte Duty Free end their contracts with Song Seung Heon and Hyun Bin?

Lotte Co. Ltd is a huge multinational food and shopping corporation first established in Japan and now also widely all over Korea. Lotte is split into groups or unit businesses as well where they hired other stars to model for them. Thus apart from these superstars modelling for Lotte Duty Free, you also see Girls’ Generation or Kim Soo Hyun endorsing for Lotte Department Store / Lotten Fitin etc. Now I wish I own some shares of Lotte! Quoting from Lawyer Jang from My Love From The Stars, “what in the world was my ancestor doing?”

Anyway, Lotte Duty Free released a catalogue magazine for April and introduced their new models so let’s all take a peek at the behind the scenes and pretty pictures of the current and new models (Glad to know they decided to name the EXO for easy recognition in the catalogue, LOL!). The first two new CFs of Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye’s Dream Journey have also been released.

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Lee Min Ho Looking Evil & Sexy in Star1

Lee Min Ho will be the cover face in April’s edition of Star1 (volume 25). I say it’s about time. I was already wondering ever since The Heirs ended that when will all the fashion magazines start inviting this boy for a photoshoot. It honestly was puzzling me that I was seeing more of Kim Woo Bin  and no Lee Min Ho on the front cover of all the well known magazines. Ah well, it’s not too late to start covering him now.

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[Fashion] Lee Min Ho Sporty & Healthy in Eider S/S 2014

~ *Breathing out a sigh of relief* ~

Why? This is simply because Lee Min Ho looks god damn natural and healthy looking in Eider. Yes, I am still somewhat begrudging all the recent endorsement or magazine pictures I see him in. The graphic experts / stylists are somehow jealous and hate Lee Min Ho’s good looks that they swore to destroy him visually in pictures. That resulted in a decrease in my enthusiam of wanting to post anything of Min Ho recently and indirectly drove my attention to *cough* another person *cough*. Sigh~
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Lee Min Ho Dubbing for Innisfree Webtoon

Despite all his heavy and busy schedule after filming The Heirs, Lee Min Ho was able to spare some time in dubbing his voice for the manga version of himself in Innisfree webtoon. Seriously dude, ever thought about taking a vacation after the long hours shooting of the drama?

Anyway, let us take a look at behind the scenes of him dubbing for the webtoon and introducing… er… himself in manga, LOL! He looks gorgeous in this video clip. Casual wear really suits him and of course his alter ego in webtoon also looks handsome. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like him at all, haha.

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[Fashion] Lee Min Ho in SEMIR Spring Collections 2014

Seasons change so is fashion, so now it’s time to take a peek into what Lee Min Ho will be wearing in SEMIR Spring collection 2014. The whole apparels are now released. I personally quite like him in this light blue suit and well, almost all Minoz like him in blue or else he wouldn’t be wearing blue to the SBS Drama Awards. Heh. So far I loveee the blue he’s sporting although I am not that impressed with the photoshopping the staff has done to him. [哼]

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