Who’s Excited for 50th Baeksang Arts Awards Tonight?


I haven’t been excited about an award show for … let’s just say a very loooong time, and the arrival of tonight’s 50th Baeksang Arts Awards has gotten me all hyped up. I think the main reason being, a lot of the stars that got nominated are the ones I currently like, and think have plenty of potentials in their acting careers. Not to mention I get to see them all dress up, preferbly not in flowery design, please! EXO’s fans also get to see EXO-K performing their new song Overdose and Lyn will sing My Destiny on stage.

There is a saying that usually in the Korean award systems, the stars that announced they will attend the award ceremonies mean they are winning, so it’s pretty much a sure win for the Stars couple then? 😀 Both Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun have confirmed to attend and no news on if they will walk the red carpet together, but I really hope they will. Back in 2012, I had hoped to see the imja couple – Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun walk the red carpet for Faith in SBS drama award, but that never happened so now I’m putting all my hopes in Stars couple because their chances is so much higher, and they should receive the attention and love together as ‘one’, so I’m praying hard and saying pleaseeeee, grant me this wish.

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[Fashion] Kim Woo Bin Suited Up for SIEG

One can never have enough clothes, right? Seems like Kim Woo Bin is the same. After he takes off his Giordano’s casual wear, he heads off to SIEG to be suited up for a formal occasion or party. Let’s take a look at uri Kim Woo Bin in suits, shall we? So the suit is made to fit comfortably, easy to move and stretchable that makes little wrinkles… ottoke, do you have it in woman’s size?

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[Fashion] Kim Woo Bin Models for Giordano

Kim Woo Bin is seriously sweeping the market as the new favourite face for endorsement in Korea! This time he’s the model for clothing apparel brand – Giordano. For a moment there I thought the woman beside him is his girlfriend. It really frustrates me that all Woo Bin’s photoshoot are this good and prompts me to feel guilty if I don’t post them up! > <” So yeah, here it is and there is more later from another brand. Seriously dude, I’ll get sick of you soon if you keep appearing before my eyes non-stop.
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[News] Running Man in Australia

Oh yeah! This Sunday’s Running Man is the episode whereby all Running Man casts and guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin go to Australia! I’ve been quite excited about this episode before they started filming and it was unfortunate that Lee Jong Suk contracted swine flu and was unable to join his mate Woo Bin to the Aussie land of koalas and kangaroos.

From the preview, I am shocked to see the team went to that many places in such a short time. From what I gathered, they started shooting right after they landed in Brisbane and their schedule were pretty tight. It must have been exhausting. Running Man was filmed at Brisbane’s Tangalooma, Currumbin Sanctuary, Gold Coast, Palm Beach and Melbourne’s City centre, State library, Rippon Lea and Ballarat’s Sovereign Hill.

LOOKS SOOO GOOD!!! Can’t wait! Be sure to tune in on Mar 9 and Mar 16 Episode 188 and 189 (Edit: They split it into two episodes!).

Note: There will be spoilerific pictures in here so readers beware!
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Kim Woo Bin Breaking the Hot-O-Meter in The Star & W Korea

I truly am still contemplating as to whether to share these pictures with anyone and it feels like a sin if I don’t. *Laugh* So. Here.it.is. The almighty hot pictures of Kim Woo Bin from the March issue of W Korea and The Star. From memory, the photoshoot from W Korea was done somewhere in California, USA and no idea where The Star’s photoshoot was done but definitely is in someone’s rug shop! *Ahem* I wonder if that rug has been sold?
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[K-Movie News] Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo Bromancing Each Other in The Technicians


Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo have confirmed to star in the upcoming movie The Technicians. Apart from these two eye-candies, the others include veteran actors Kim Young Chul and Go Chang Suk.

The Technicians is directed by Kim Hong Sun who won the rookie Director Award at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards for his film named The Trafficker. The Technicians is about the story of the safebreaker and his friends. Kim Woo Bin will be playing the safebreaker while Lee Hyun Woo is the hacker. The movie is scheduled to start shooting in March and planned for release second half of this year.

Source: Yin Yue Tai | News Naver

Kim Woo Bin Models for HIGH CUT

It’s really a Kim Woo Bin year, isn’t it? I just keep seeing him on magazine covers non – stop after his movie Friend 2 and The Heirs. Although he didn’t win any other awards apart from the Top 10 popularity in SBS Drama Awards but in terms of endorsement deals and magazine shoots – he seems to be the big winner, lol! Well, I don’t think Woobie’s fans would complain seeing this. Edit: Oh right! Forgot to mention this will be in the 2014 January edition of HIGH CUT. Now, it’s The Crazies’ Ogle Time again!

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