A New Leaf


A New Leaf was a gift from drama god when I was in search for good dramas; there was a lack of gripping dramas during those times, and I was dying for something good. I hadn’t planned on watching this one when it was first announced, or when the trailers were released. I wasn’t enthuasiatic about it; mainly because I wasn’t interested in Kim Myung Min, or the storyline. I also thought it would be extreeeeemely melodramatic. Boy, was I so wrong!

Seriously, I am glad I pick this drama up and gave it a chance. I love the dynamics between the actors! The show has great, solid main casts; they all gave a well-balanced and stable performance. Kim Sang Joong was absolutely awesome in his role. Oh Jung Se once again made a deep impression in his supporting role and lastly, Kim Myung Min – how he portrayed a wooden, dull, monotonous and expressionless person into a multi-faceted, and layered character so interesting to watch is beyond me – *clap* *clap* *clap*

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News Snippets: TV Programs Gradually Returns to Normal


Amidst the Sewol ferry tragedy that shocked the whole Korean nation last week, TV stations have slowly re-inserted the programs back to its normal schedule. Variety shows are still cancelled but some dramas have resumed airing this week. Continue reading

[Drama News] Park Min Young Joins Kim Myung Min in A New Leaf

In addition to the casting news summary, Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter) has finally settled down and decided on her first come-back drama after a year or 2 absence from the small screen. She will join Kim Myung Min (The King of Dramas, Beethoven Virus) as the leads in the upcoming MBC drama named A New Leaf. Park Min Young has previously reported to have been offered the script to Doctor Stranger but turned it down. Some of us like myself is glad that she has turned down Doctor Stranger as the character was closely similar to her previous disasterous drama Dr. Jin.

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