Doctor Stranger


Doctor Stranger is a 2014 medical drama starring rising star Lee Jong Suk; forever second lead Park Hae Jin; beautiful Kang So Ra and fairly new and young actress Jin Se Yeon. The drama garners attention not only because of the main casts, but also the supporting casts such as Kim Sang Joong, Chun Ho Jin, Kim Sang Ho, Choi Jung Woo etc. and famous director, Jin Hyuk, who has previously directed a few popular dramas.

I think what lure me to try out this drama is definitely the love I have for Lee Jong Suk. He was great in School 2013 and I Hear Your Voice, so I anticipated more good stuff from him. I also like Park Hae Jin because who doesn’t love Lee Hwi Kyung in My Love From The Stars? Then there is Jin Hyuk who directed one of my favourite dramas – City Hunter, and because of him, the ahjussi actors from City Hunter also joined the show. I definitely couldn’t say no anymore once I found out Kim Sang Joong will make the guest appearance, too!
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Doctor Stranger: Preview 9, BTS Pictorials & Makings



I have had plenty of things to say right after I watched both episode 7-8, but now that I had let the emotions calm and settle in – I suddenly don’t know where to start. First of all, I think I would like to take back of one thing I’ve said about Park Hoon‘s ability being normal or grounded, lol! Okay it’s not, especially with the way it was done in the latest episodes. But it doesn’t take away the fact that all these fantasy medical scenes are still interesting to watch.

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[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: Episode 5 Preview


Doctor Stranger continues to give us engaging episodes last week, and I am very satisfied with it thus far. It’s a little slow in the sense that 4 episodes down, we haven’t really seen Hoon fully interact with the Myeong Woo university’s doctors. I am aware having him being recognised, or accepted by colleagues, or board of directors will take time, but it would have been interesting to show doctors-with-doctors interactions a little in last week’s episode, although I am not complaining of his minor encounter with Oh Soo Hyun, LOL! That was hilarious, but he’s still seen mucking around more than saving patients so to speak (I wanna see more medical scenes!). And then it feels like the real storyline hasn’t really unraveled because there seems to be some big conspiracy going on behind the scenes, whereby Jae Hee is now working for the North Korean guy (?) and it’s kind of obvious that she is Han Seung Hee, not some doppelganger.

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[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: Episode 3 Preview


Doctor Stranger premiered and started off pretty strong last week and it has gone head to head in terms of ratings with its rival The Big Man and Triangle. Personally, I definitely am more taken with Doctor Stranger as compared to the other two dramas. Episode 1 was definitely captivating and an interesting watch in comparison to episode 2 which I thought it spent too much time at the bike chasing scene in Budapest. However, it still kept my eyes glued to the screen wanting more from the show. Kim Sang Joong guest starring as Park Hoon’s dad is definitely one of the main reasons for a very satisfying and enjoyable watch of the show. He gave me so much feels whenever he appeared on screen and unfortunately this time I think I am going to hate Cheon Ho Jin rather than love him as that kind president he was in City Hunter. Sigh… ah well, someone has got to play a villain right? Continue reading

[Drama News] Doctor Stranger Releases Official Posters & Third Teaser


Official posters and 3rd teaser trailer for the upcoming SBS drama Doctor Stranger are released today. I love the blue and white tone employed on the posters, although on a whole it didn’t scream ‘Wow! It’s beautiful’, instead it is rather ordinary. I do like the style Park Hae Jin is sporting even if he’s wearing the 90s style curtain hair, but he still looks damn fine. I do have an issue with curly-noodle-thick fringe that Lee Jong Suk is wearing because I don’t think it suits his character, but I supposed I’ll have to force myself to get used to it now, ugh. ~”~

Judging from the position of the four characters standing in the poster, it does look like the drama centres around Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Hoon and all other three are secondary leads. Whatever happened to dual male leads as advertised before? I do wish this isn’t the case when the drama starts and that Park Hae Jin gets as much screen time as Jong Suk. These two deserves to be male leads in a drama. Continue reading

[Drama News] SBS Drops More Stills for Doctor Stranger


SBS must be planning to strike while the iron is still hot on Doctor Stranger by releasing more promotional stills of Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra this week to attract viewers’ interest. We get first glimpse into a scene where Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is deep in concentration in an operation that was filmed last month Mar 23. That scene is definitely shot while Park Hoon is in North Korea. The clue is the photo frames on the wall (again, ha!). We also get to see the stills of the elite couple Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin) and Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra).

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[Drama News] First Teaser for Doctor Stranger


Upcoming SBS drama Doctor Stranger starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin has released its first teaser trailer and must say, I did not expect to see it so soon. It doesn’t show much on the plot but cinematography-wise like I had expected, looks good. However, these teasers can be misleading so I’ll reserve from expecting too much for now. Continue reading

[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: First Script Reading Stills Released


The first script reading stills that was held back in February 11 of upcoming SBS Mon – Tues drama, Doctor Stranger is released today. This sure comes out really late and almost gave me a heart attack at first glance because Lee Jong Suk is blonde and my initial reaction is: again?! Then I breathe a sigh of relief that this was taken almost two months ago. *Phew*

From the pictures, we see the main leads – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice), Park Hae Jin (My Love From The Stars), Kang So Ra¬†(Ugly Alert, Dream High 2) with experienced supporting casts Cheon Ho Jin (City Hunter), Jeon Kuk Hwan (Empress Ki), Kim Yong Geon (Master’s Sun), Choi Jung Woo (City Hunter, Master’s Sun), little child actors Goo Seung Hyun (I Hear Your Voice) and Kim Ji Young (Vampire Prosecutor 2) etc. actively participating in their first meeting. The meeting lasted for four hours without the actors showing fatigue and were deeply immersed in script reading.

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