Awesome Teasers for The Three Musketeers & More Stills!

tvN releases yet another teaser trailer for The Three Musketeers, and this time featuring an all characters version. One word: Daebak! Well, at least for me… 🙂

The teaser starts off with Lee Jin Wook all calm and prince-like with his men protecting him, and then we see Jung Yong Hwa sword-fighting on the table while the other two Musketeers – Yang Dong Geun & Jung Hae In fight off enemies on the ground. We also get a few glances of the ladies – Yoo In Young and Seo Hyun Jin in the teaser, and I absolutely love what I see… ❤

While all 3 boys being super badass kicking arses on the sideline, the Crown Prince Seohyeon slices a man to save his wife, Yoon Seo. Meanwhile another woman, Jo Mi Ryung watches with sadness from afar. It’s difficult to completely interpret what the short teaser is trying to convey, but we can pretty much sense their feelings, and the dynamics around these characters.
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The Three Musketeers Fan-Made Wallpapers of Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jin Wook

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*GASP* ~oh woah! I ❤ these fan-made HD wallpapers.

Quick! Come and save it to be used on your PC and phone. You can pick which one you like the most, too. Or you can save all of them like I did. So tell me, which version of Yong Hwa’s is your favourite? 😀
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Lee Jin Wook Looking Almighty in The Three Musketeers Teaser


After swooning over the dashing Jung Yong Hwa as hero Park Dal Hyang last night, I am now abusing the replay button for Crown Prince Lee Jin Wook in the short teaser from The Three Musketeer. ❤ Both teasers look so good! Lee Jin Wook looks amaaazing! The costume, the lighting to the colours, and the visual. Charismatic characters stills have been released for both characters too.

One word to describe this all: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

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[Drama News] Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yong Hwa & Kim Ji Suk in tvN’s The Three Musketeers!?


tvN is investing 10 billion won in a huge drama production named The Three Musketeers, and at the moment we have Lee Jin Wook (Nine) being casted as Crown Prince Sohyeon. CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa (Mirae’s Choice) is reported to have auditioned, but due to his singer’s status and busy schedule, it is still undecided. Meanwhile Kim Ji Suk (Personal Taste) is also currently in talks.

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[News] Catch CNBLUE on Running Man Soon!

Yesterday Boices went totally berserk with updates upon the sighting of CNBLUE filming for Running Man. *GASP* ~ how exciting?! This time it isn’t just Jung Yong Hwa and/or Lee Jong Hyun guesting on the show but all FOUR boys, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk too! Now how can we not watch it? I’m unsure as to whether it’s a good idea in the sense that they may not win because umm… it seems like Yong Hwa is the one that’s competitive and athletic but it’s still interesting enough to see how all 4 of them work together. Another female guest in Running Man is Shim Eun Kyung.

C’mon boys, take home the gold!!! Baybaypig Emoticons 103
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Mi Rae’s Choice: Highlights of Park Se Joo

Ahhh Mi Rae’s Choice – it has so much potential to be a good drama but went down hill in the last 4 episodes, nonetheless, I am still grateful I walk away knowing a few actors & actresses I have never known before. Park Se Joo is my most loved male character. I love this character not because he is portrayed by Jung Yong Hwa of CN BLUE. It is because of his multi-faceted characterization and his double identities that make him all the more interesting and intriguing in the show. This drama is my first exposure to Jung Yong Hwa and I believe if another actor play this character, I would have love Se Joo too provided that this actor is just as good as Yong Hwa in portraying Se Joo. That said, Yong Hwa did inject life into Se Joo, own it and became the one & only. Now, I simply cannot imagine anyone else being Park Se Joo if it isn’t played Jung Yong Hwa. So for the past 3-4 months I have gotten to know him a lot more, from just knowing him by name to … well, listening to his music and watch his old project – Heartstrings.

It’s really difficult not to notice Jung Yong Hwa and acknowledge his performance in Mi Rae’s Choice and I have been wanting to do a highlight of my favourite scenes of Park Se Joo for awhile and finally, it’s completed!

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Jung Yong Hwa New Christmas Look

While Lee Min Ho gets bombarded by fans getting up close & personal sending him off from Shanghai to Beijing, Jung Yong Hwa experienced another kind of treatment [嘻嘻] from Japan back to Korea at the airport. Unfortunately (we are) I am unable to catch a glimpse of his handsome face with him covering himself with a mask (WHY?!). Fan accounts said he wasn’t feeling too well a couple of days ago at his concert etc so maybe he is (was) down with a cold or flu. Another said he’s protecting his throat.

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[Drama News] BTS Making Videos of Mi Rae’s Choice

This update comes out a tad late because Hanjae and I had to go on the mend after finishing off the recap, LOL! Our initial idea of this post is that we wanted to put up a compiled BTS makings and look back on how fun it was for Mi Rae’s Choice on the set even though the drama itself did not pan out the way it should be. We wanted to appreciate the casts and crews, the friendly atmostphere that enveloped the whole team and simply enjoy watching the couples interact in real life – something we could not be satisfied from watching the drama.

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Fan Made Videos for Mi Rae’s Choice

Even though Mi Rae’s Choice has officially wrapped up, it isn’t over because I only found time to start looking at goodies and videos. LOL. I stumbled upon a few really well made ones by Boice (I think) and just want to share it. ^ ^ The videos are high quality and very well done with suitable BGM so it is worth the collection. 🙂

Park Se Joo

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Mi Rae’s Choice: Episodes 13-14

All the secrets are finally revealed and Mi Rae actually gets to be in on it for a change. It’s about time. Surprisingly little progress is made, however, as our main characters remain largely frozen in stasis in the painful aftermath of their crumbling romantic relationships and career setbacks. La Petite and I have made much of spring bringing new beginnings after the snow, but Episodes 13 and 14 introduce more stumbling blocks (with some strange plot detours that makes me wonder whether the writer is as confused as we are) than positive change. Let’s just say that much will have to occur in the finale week if we’re to be left with something beyond unfulfilled hopes.

We have combined our separate recaps into one post this week because these two episodes should probably be watched together – it’s difficult enough to understand individually!

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