Fated to Love You Releases 2 More Interesting Teasers


MBC new drama Fated to Love You releases two new teaser trailers, outlining clearer to us how the drama story will start out, and also introduce the four major characters starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won. From the trailers, it does look like the start of the story will be 90% similar to the original; I do like what I see in terms of visual, and how all four of them fit into their individual characters.

The official posters are also out, although I have to say I am unsure what the concept of it supposed to represent for two of the posters (e.g. above) – why is Nara hanging off in the air? A gift from heaven to Jang Hyuk?
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Fated to Love You Releases First Teaser of Jang Hyuk Serenading Jang Nara

Looks like MBC has got everything ready to launch its upcoming romance comedy drama, Fated to Love You, starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Wang Ji Won with A New Leaf coming to an end in one week’s time.

I am extremely sad to let Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong go; they both have strong on-screen presence, and they carry their roles so well in the drama. I just love watching them act, but nothing good last forever, and it is always good to end a good drama when appropriate. Continue reading

[Drama News] Choi Jin Hyuk’s Multiple Identities in Fated to Love You – Club DJ by Night, Designer and Priest by Day?


MBC has heard our prayers, ladies! We now have first glimpse of Choi Jin Hyuk‘s character – Daniel from the upcoming drama Fated to Love You. Now isn’t he looking flashy, cool and dashing? Though I would recommend ditching the sunnies, as I don’t think that actually helps one see very well in a night club. Continue reading

[Drama News] Jang Hyuk & Wang Ji Won’s Blissful Date in Fated to Love You


With the premiering of the upcoming romance comedy drama Fated to Love You drawing near, MBC continues to release teaser stills of the leads, reminding us to glue ourselves to the TV when it airs on July 2. Today, we get lovey dovey stills of Jang Hyuk and Wang Ji Won at a park, where we see Jang Hyuk blissfully rest his head on Wang Ji Won’s lap. Continue reading

50th Baeksang Arts Awards


The hype is now over and if last year’s SBS Drama Awards was all about The Heirs then 50th Baeksang Arts Awards is all about My Love From the Stars 😛 The most epic moment was when Lyn sang My Destiny, the music stopped and the screens started to play the scene from episode 11 where Song Yi tried to seduce Do Min Joon. Oh dear~ Jeon Ji Hyun was embarrassed although Soo Hyun was calm and then BOOM ~ it’s kissing scenes on every single big screens on the stage. That was one awesome sight and awkward moment for the both of them. But then that was not the end of it, the song ended with the red carpet kiss displaying on all big screens. HAHAHAHAHA! I just had to laugh. It would have been super duper awesome to be watching that live as a Stars fan.

As usual the fashion for the men are always less interesting than the women where all we see is the normal black suit but I kind of prefer they keep it simple and traditional rather than go all fluorescene or something! Call me conservative, I’m just not used to funny colours.

Anyway, here’s the winner’s list!
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News Snippets: Script Reading, Casting and New Dramas


Script reading and more casting news for new dramas continue and I can’t help but feel a little sad that my round of biases have all finished their yearly quota of drama this year and the new ones aren’t very interesting to me, well, so far anyway. From the description of each drama, I haven’t found one that I feel compelled to check it out or is at least looking extremely forward to. 😦

Nodame Cantabile V.2 is something I would definitely check it out in hope to enjoy the love I have for classical music but whether or not it will succeed will solely depend on the casting and right now, it’s not looking good! 😥 I’m fairly interested with the plot for The Night Watchman’s Journal and is fairly excited to hear casting is in progress and will wait to see who else gets casted before I jump in joy whereas couple of the Crazies are fairly excited with Joseon Gunman starring Lee Jun Ki.

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[Drama News] Choi Jin Hyuk Courted For Remake ‘Fated to Love You’


As previously mentioned, MBC has planned an adaptation of Taiwanese massive hit drama Fated to Love You (or I Love You Like Fate, a working title as well as the literal translation of the drama’s title in Korean), starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara as the leads. Now news has reported that they have approached the agency Red Brick House and courted Choi Jin Hyuk to play their second male lead. Continue reading

[Drama News] Emergency Couple to Extend One Episode

Cable channel tvN’s hit drama – Emergency Couple starring Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Pil Mo and Clara has confirmed to extend one episode, the finale episode will air Apr 5.

Episode 14’s ratings went up to 4.2% with the highest of 5.5% at one point; and has been holding its position at no. 1 against other dramas of the same airing time. It is a drama that is popular among the old and young, thus receiving good reviews from all ages. The director announces that due to well received responses from the audiences, they decided to extend one episode. As for the ending, there is no decision as to whether or not Jin Hee and Chang Min will start over again. However, they will make sure that they can convey the script effectively i.e. the meaning of love. He hopes that everyone will continue to watch over them and the drama.

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[Drama News] Emergency Couple: Episode 8 Preview

As you all know by now that tvN’s Emergency Couple decided to postpone airing episode 8 because they ran out of time therefore, episode 8 – 9 will air next week. They have also released a really short preview teaser  for episode  8 and crap, I’m not liking what I’m seeing in the preview. If episode 7 is GookHee moment then episode 8 looks a lot like there is more ChangHee moment. Aiyaaaaaahhhh~~~ I really like that in episode 7 Jin Hee is making everyone sees that she is not what they initially thought of her and that her character is growing. This is exactly what I wanted to see in her character and from this drama. So yes, keep it up the way it is.

In addition, I do wonder Jin Hee’s medical knowledge shown in episode 7 and before was due to the fact that she took lessons or training from Chang Min’s father. She’s definitely seem much more experience than all other residents at the moment, even Chang Min.

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[Drama News] Emergency Couple: Makings & BTS (updated)

Emergency Couple (or Emergency Man & Woman) is the hot new drama from tvN starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. I’m currently up to episode #3 and I like it so far. ^ ^ The production team has been generous with us in terms of releasing behind the scenes or makings too. Isn’t Choi Jin Hyuk hot (I know Lynny would agree) in the above picture? But the poor thing has to film that in cold winter. I wouldn’t want to be in his position at all.

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