While reading our crazy 9’s spazzing, you might come across terms that we used which we can’t explain in the posts. Here would be the right place to dig up a meaning for them. It will be updated as we go… ^ ^

Japanese Terms
Doki-doki: it means a heart beating sound. This would represent ones’ nervous or in love
Ojisan: an old man or grandpa
Obasan: an old lady or grandma
Hentai: pervert

Korean Terms
Ajumma / Ahjumma: a middle-aged woman
Ajussi / Ahjussi: a middle-aged man
Banmal: Informal (casual) speech
Unni: older sister, generally used between females.
Hyung: older brother, generally used between males.
Noona: older sister, it is what a younger male address a woman older than him.
Oppa: older brother, used for younger female to address the older man.
Sageuk: historical drama
Bokgeun: Muscles
Haraboji: Used to address an old man or grandfather
Sunbae: Senior
Dongsaeng: younger siblings
Chaebol: Usually in context, we used it as “rich” but it means a family own corporation head.
Jaebal: Please
Jondaemal: Formal speech
Yeobo / yobo: The intimate word used in between spouses
Chingu: Friend
Maknae: Junior
Byeontae: Pervert

Crazy 9’s Special Terms
LC: Lady Choi, meaning I’m sending Lady Choi to hit you. It derives from K-drama “Faith” whereby we see Lady Choi (Kim Min Kyung) whack her nephew Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) for being a smart arse.

Deunk: derive from drunk. One day one of the crazies tried to tell us she didn’t get drunk but instead of drunk, she typed “deunk” and that just proves she probably is drunk, LOL.

Guns: muscles

OTP: One True Pairing

FTW: For the win


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