Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I repost your recaps or articles to another website or blog?
No. You may link back to us or post an excerpt, but posting the entire content and its images are in violation of copyright as well as internet etiquette.

2. Can I repost the images?
– Yes, under certain conditions. You may repost if those images are not owned by the Crazy 9 (meaning it has been credited to original sources) or we did not post a request not to re-upload.

3. Can I hotlink the images?
No. If you wish to share them at other websites / forums / blogs, please save them to your computer and re-upload them to other image hosting sites. We do have limited bandwidth, and it wouldn’t be good for anyone if our images are taken down because it has exceeded bandwidth limits, would it? Remember that if our images go down and you have hotlinked them, it means the image will be unavailable on your end, too.

4. What does “hotlink” mean?
– It means you are copying our image links and pasting it elsewhere (including other websites, blogs or forums). Please don’t do this.

5. Can I request recaps?
– No. A recap is only interesting if the Crazy 9 are interested in the drama, after all. No one wants to read a boring recap!

6. Where is my comment?
– Maybe it went to spam or you did not write in English as we will not be able to understand you if you write in other languages.


One thought on “FAQ

  1. Do you have any idea when will Kim Soo Hyun Be in Singapore for his fan meet…….? And where will I be able to get the tickets…… I’m dying to see him D:


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