Adorable Chef Couple Jasper Liu & Puff Guo on SPOP 華流

Omo omo omo! How cute (and a bit sexy) are these photos of Jasper Liu and Puff Guo, taken for July edition of Chinese magazine SPOP 華流 (Hua Liu)? These two are currently working together in a Friday night drama named Love Myself, or You? (also known as Pleasantly Surprised).

The couple’s chemistry is pretty natural and visually, they match well; it makes it really easy to like them as an OTP. And then of course, we are also lucky to score two well written characters (well, so far). Hence, I really like what I see in this photoshoot, which is filled with cuteness and oozes a bit of sensuality between the two. It’s a much straight forward photoshoot as compared to June’s edition, featuring Aaron Yan and Tia Li on the cover (Link 1 and 2), as I find theirs were really creative, new and artistic.
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Witch’s Lover Park Seo Joon in HIGH CUT


If you have seen Witch’s Romance, you would understand what’s so alluring about this 25 years old boy/man named Park Seo Joon. He plays Um Jung Hwa’s love interest in the drama, and successfully win many girls’ hearts in the process. Or should I say Noona’s hearts?

Some people may have already discovered him since Dream High 2, Family, I Summon You, Gold, Drama Festival or One Warm Word, but If you haven’t, then it’s never too late to check this sweet boy out in his latest drama. The drama isn’t fantastic (to me), but he’s definitely one of the gems in the show. 😀

However, this boy has completely transform into a mature man with yummy-li-cious abs in July issue of High Cut. Oh la la~ let’s all take a look at that fine abs, shall we? Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun the Hot Gentleman in MARIE CLAIRE


I haven’t done a magazine/photoshoot post for quite some time and as I was missing Kim Soo Hyun a little after being deprived of him from dramaland and lacked of seeing him in public activities, this June issue of Marie Claire seriously came at the right time. It’s hotness overload although I wouldn’t say the entire photoshoot is gorgeous as I’m not fond of bright orange/red, but there are a fair few that I really like. There was rumour before that Soo Hyun has gone to Paris but as revealed by the interview, it looks like he went to Morocco first for this photoshoot and then flew to Paris where he was spotted by fans. All the clothes Soo Hyun wore in this shoot is sponsored by Gucci. Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun Stealing Hearts in Lemona CF

Gah~ it’s raining Kim Soo Hyun today and this time it’s the new endorsement he signed on with vitamin C brand – Lemona, right after he finished filming My Love From The Stars. When the news broke out, it made headlines and was a big deal because since its founding 31 years ago, Lemona has only been strictly promoted by women or female celebrities, but Soo Hyun has broken the tradition by being its first male model.
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Jeon Ji Hyun Beautiful As Ever in Harper’s Bazaar

Following after the success of My Love From The Stars, Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun are the current hot items that every brand advertisers or magazine owners want a piece of (I believe). After the end of the drama, those who love the both of them (that would be moi) would be thrilled to see them on anything. So having Jeon Ji Hyun featuring in April edition of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar of course warrant a post on its own just so that we can admire the beauty of the National Goddess some more (LOL!).

I do have a good news to share with the Min Joon/Song Yi couple’s drama fans too! ^ ^ Read the good news: Here

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Kim Soo Hyun Models in CK Jeans for ELLE & COSMOPOLITAN

For those of you who still has that alien-sized black hole after My Love From The Stars ended, this is perhaps something that would help ease you through the withdrawal (a little). Kim Soo Hyun is seen sporting the Do Min Joon’s image and hairstyle in the latest Calvin Klein Jeans photoshoot. So, be sure to sweep the news agent(s) or internet shopping website for a copy of April’s issue of ELLE or Cosmopolitan because hot alien Kim Soo Hyun will be featured in it & fashioning off in Calvin Klein Jeans. The boy looks awesome in the 4 photos that were released today. These are the same photoshoot he did for Esquire and must say, I like the results of all these pictures. What about you guys?
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Lee Min Ho Looking Evil & Sexy in Star1

Lee Min Ho will be the cover face in April’s edition of Star1 (volume 25). I say it’s about time. I was already wondering ever since The Heirs ended that when will all the fashion magazines start inviting this boy for a photoshoot. It honestly was puzzling me that I was seeing more of Kim Woo Bin  and no Lee Min Ho on the front cover of all the well known magazines. Ah well, it’s not too late to start covering him now.

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[Fashion] Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy in Beanpole 2014 S/S CF

Uri Do Min Joon seriously is one busy alien. You’d think he is busy enough trying to figure out a way back to Song Yi after falling into a wormhole but no, he teleported himself to shoot a CF with Suzy for Beanpole as Kim Soo Hyun. *Ahem* Oopsy! Sawrry for the delusional babbling there. Yes yes, I know! It’s over but let me just simmer in bliss for awhile longer and take my sweet time to come out of this withdrawal, okay? It’s not too much to ask right? Right?
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[Fashion] Lee Min Ho Sporty & Healthy in Eider S/S 2014

~ *Breathing out a sigh of relief* ~

Why? This is simply because Lee Min Ho looks god damn natural and healthy looking in Eider. Yes, I am still somewhat begrudging all the recent endorsement or magazine pictures I see him in. The graphic experts / stylists are somehow jealous and hate Lee Min Ho’s good looks that they swore to destroy him visually in pictures. That resulted in a decrease in my enthusiam of wanting to post anything of Min Ho recently and indirectly drove my attention to *cough* another person *cough*. Sigh~
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[Fashion] Kim Woo Bin Suited Up for SIEG

One can never have enough clothes, right? Seems like Kim Woo Bin is the same. After he takes off his Giordano’s casual wear, he heads off to SIEG to be suited up for a formal occasion or party. Let’s take a look at uri Kim Woo Bin in suits, shall we? So the suit is made to fit comfortably, easy to move and stretchable that makes little wrinkles… ottoke, do you have it in woman’s size?

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[Fashion] Kim Woo Bin Models for Giordano

Kim Woo Bin is seriously sweeping the market as the new favourite face for endorsement in Korea! This time he’s the model for clothing apparel brand – Giordano. For a moment there I thought the woman beside him is his girlfriend. It really frustrates me that all Woo Bin’s photoshoot are this good and prompts me to feel guilty if I don’t post them up! > <” So yeah, here it is and there is more later from another brand. Seriously dude, I’ll get sick of you soon if you keep appearing before my eyes non-stop.
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Kim Woo Bin Breaking the Hot-O-Meter in The Star & W Korea

I truly am still contemplating as to whether to share these pictures with anyone and it feels like a sin if I don’t. *Laugh* So. The almighty hot pictures of Kim Woo Bin from the March issue of W Korea and The Star. From memory, the photoshoot from W Korea was done somewhere in California, USA and no idea where The Star’s photoshoot was done but definitely is in someone’s rug shop! *Ahem* I wonder if that rug has been sold?
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Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Get Sporty in Beanpole Outdoor 2014 S/S Collection

Beanpole outdoor has released new photos for this year’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection and here’s for us to take a peek at Kim Soo Hyun (My Love From The Stars) and Suzy (MissA) collaborating together once more. Dream High fans might be crying over the short cameo where Suzy’s character Go Hye Mi addressing Song Sam Dong as her ex-boyfriend, however, in reality Suzy and Soo Hyun are good, close friends and so I think they will be happy to see them working together again. That said, Soo Hyun’s eye bags are huge though, he looks tired.
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Park Hae Jin Sporting a Rocker Look for NYLON Korea

Like Yoo In Na, Park Hae Jin also took time off from the hectic filming of their drama My Love From The Stars and gets involved in a photoshoot for fashion magazine NYLON Korea. In these series of photoshoot, Park Hae Jin is  seen with his fringe combed up & heavily gel to give that James Dean-rocker look whereas one picture shows him in a PJ (?). I’m not quite sure what the theme is, perhaps a lazy Sunday in a western country?

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