[OST] My Love From The Stars + Special

I am well aware that it’s a strategy to earn more dough for the relevant organizations when they announced there will be special OST release from My Love From The Stars of the song ‘Promise’ sung by Kim Soo Hyun in episode 20 but as an addicted Stars’ drama lover, I can’t be more happy about this news than to care about the scheme these business people are employing. All I know is… give it to me! Gimme gimme *making grabby hands*

To be honest, the song ‘In front of your house’ by Kim Soo Hyun did not come off catchy or particularly amazing so yes, I am in joy that they decided to release ‘Promise’, because this song holds more meaning to his character Do Min Joon and the situation at the time for their relationship, thus, it gives us more feels than ‘In front of your house’ – which I thought is more appropriately suited to Lee Hwi Kyung when it was released. However, I did think it suited Min Joon later on (in terms of lyrics) when he was trying to get back to Song Yi. Continue reading