Adorable Chef Couple Jasper Liu & Puff Guo on SPOP 華流

Omo omo omo! How cute (and a bit sexy) are these photos of Jasper Liu and Puff Guo, taken for July edition of Chinese magazine SPOP 華流 (Hua Liu)? These two are currently working together in a Friday night drama named Love Myself, or You? (also known as Pleasantly Surprised).

The couple’s chemistry is pretty natural and visually, they match well; it makes it really easy to like them as an OTP. And then of course, we are also lucky to score two well written characters (well, so far). Hence, I really like what I see in this photoshoot, which is filled with cuteness and oozes a bit of sensuality between the two. It’s a much straight forward photoshoot as compared to June’s edition, featuring Aaron Yan and Tia Li on the cover (Link 1 and 2), as I find theirs were really creative, new and artistic.
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First Impression: Love Myself or You?


Love Myself or You? (also known as Pleasantly Surprised) is the new Taiwanese drama that takes over the Friday time slot of In A Good Way starring Puff Guo and Jasper Liu. It has aired 2 episodes and so far, I like almost everything about the show – from character set up to the storyline, and I especially love a drama about food! Yummmmmm~ French cuisine ❤

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First Impression: Rock N’ Road


While looking for more possible good Taiwanese drama, I came across Rock N’ Road (A咖的路). It is a Taiwanese drama started airing on Mar 16 starring Chris Wu Kan Ren, Kimi Hsiao Yu Qiao, Mike Lee and Nita Lei. I decided to check it out upon reading a news article reporting how this drama is starting to become widely popular in Taiwan. I feel really good about the storyline and the actors/actresses that were cast for this drama, although the show is suffering (for me anyway) a little slump in captivating me because like any other Taiwanese dramas throughout history, they tend to drag things on. But with last Sunday’s episode, I think the story has started to move onto the next chapter. Continue reading

First Impression: April 2014 New Dramas


A series of new dramas have started airing, particularly in Japan so I tried out a few just so that I could pick out the ones that I will keep on and those that I may not. This would be my first impression of them based on one episode (or two). Uh yeahhh~ I’m trying out a lot but how many that I will survive through is still a mystery. NOTE: This post contains spoilers.

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My Love From The Stars: The Last Kiss

My Love From The Stars to many people may be mediocre, or perhaps think there is nothing great about it. However, to many others and I, it is definitely special and still is. I can only say because it was super cute (of the written characters and the way the story was told) and it is a ‘true’ romance comedy.

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The Drama After Stars: God’s Gift – 14 Days

It’s always lovely when you see the bts of the casts getting along so well and having fun together in between takes and filming. This I think makes the tough filming schedule a whole lot easier to get through when they all get along. It’s the same for the casts for God’s Gift – 14 Days.

I recently caught up with the current episode of God’s Gift – 14 Days and I have one word – DAEBAK!!! If you want to watch a drama that has suspense, thrills, excitement, creepiness and much more then this would be the IT drama. Apart from getting caught in the thrills, you would also need meticulous level of attention to details when watching this drama because the writer loves to sprinkle breadcrumbs (i.e. clues) all over the place and thus it tests how good your observation is when it comes to identifying or piecing the clues together. But no fear, we do have Ki Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo) to assist Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) and us to solve the mysteries if we can’t put our heads around the clues.

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[Musings] My Love From The Stars: Episode 3 – 4

Episode 3

This episode follows suit from last week’s episodes and still comes off really strong. It starts off with Min Joon’s memories with Seo Yi Hwa. I am dying to know what has happened between them. The purposely broken up back story of Min Joon is driving me insane, it makes me craving for more yet is glad they break it up and keep the mystery. I know I know – I willingly enjoy the bittersweet torture.

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Mi Rae’s Choice: Highlights of Park Se Joo

Ahhh Mi Rae’s Choice – it has so much potential to be a good drama but went down hill in the last 4 episodes, nonetheless, I am still grateful I walk away knowing a few actors & actresses I have never known before. Park Se Joo is my most loved male character. I love this character not because he is portrayed by Jung Yong Hwa of CN BLUE. It is because of his multi-faceted characterization and his double identities that make him all the more interesting and intriguing in the show. This drama is my first exposure to Jung Yong Hwa and I believe if another actor play this character, I would have love Se Joo too provided that this actor is just as good as Yong Hwa in portraying Se Joo. That said, Yong Hwa did inject life into Se Joo, own it and became the one & only. Now, I simply cannot imagine anyone else being Park Se Joo if it isn’t played Jung Yong Hwa. So for the past 3-4 months I have gotten to know him a lot more, from just knowing him by name to … well, listening to his music and watch his old project – Heartstrings.

It’s really difficult not to notice Jung Yong Hwa and acknowledge his performance in Mi Rae’s Choice and I have been wanting to do a highlight of my favourite scenes of Park Se Joo for awhile and finally, it’s completed!

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[Musings] My Love From The Stars: Episode 1-2

My Love From The Stars (or You Came From The Stars) is a drama about an alien falling in love with a human being, what can I say, I am sold especially when the alien and human look like Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. Let’s not forget to mention, they behave exactly like the kind of characters that intrigue and piqué my interest the most.

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Lee Min Ho Cries In 4 Different Ways in The Heirs

Over the course of 5 years since I first knew Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flowers, he has excelled greatly in acting. The most obvious improvement started from City Hunter when I first noticed he has the ability to emote and convey the emotional changes with his eyes. He has beautiful eyes and this really does become one of his best asset when he uses it to express emotions. He pushes and challenges his boundaries even further when he took on the role of Choi Young in Faith.

Choi Young is written to be a stoic character so this really put Lee Min Ho to the test and challenges him to fully utilize his eyes and facial expression to emote and deliver the emotions across to the viewers. If you think he emote very well in City Hunter, he up the notch by another level in Faith. There was sooooo much unspoken emotions exuding out of that man.

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Lee Min Ho: The Kissing Beast

When the kissing beast is unleashed, these are the results of his kisses. As a viewer, all I can say is I feel a sense of satisfaction [阴险] and I give double thumbs up [good] [good] for the man. [鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌] I have decided to make a compilation of his best kissing moments and I supposed those who only got to know Lee Min Ho now can take this chance to get to know him a little better, ahem, in terms of his kissing abilities that is. [偷笑] For his acting post, please head to >> Here

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