[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Airport Fashion 2014

A new year means a whole new fashion post for Lee Min Ho. If you are interested in his Airport Fashion 2013, please proceed to ➡ HERE.

I think so far so good with his fashion choices in 2014. Early half of 2014, I can see that Lee Min Ho still retain a bit of Kim Tan in him and that reflect on his fashion; especially in public activities (but not so much in airport fashion). However, as he took on the role of Kim Dae Jong in Gangnam Blues and with summer visiting, he’s dressing a lot more casual and is seen completely shed off the Kim Tan’s curse of funny fashion style. I am happy to announce that uri Min Hot is now back to the Lee Min Ho I once knew, who dresses “normally”. \(^0^)/ HAHAHA~  

It really helps that the VIP minoz are all professional photographers now; it’s satisfying to see high quality pictures shared so we can study his fashion sense from head to toe.

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The Three Musketeers Fan-Made Wallpapers of Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jin Wook

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*GASP* ~oh woah! I ❤ these fan-made HD wallpapers.

Quick! Come and save it to be used on your PC and phone. You can pick which one you like the most, too. Or you can save all of them like I did. So tell me, which version of Yong Hwa’s is your favourite? 😀
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My Love From The Stars: The Last Kiss


My Love From The Stars to many people may be mediocre, or perhaps think there is nothing great about it. However, to many others and I, it is definitely special and still is. I can only say because it was super cute (of the written characters and the way the story was told) and it is a ‘true’ romance comedy.

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My Love From The Stars: Chun Song Yi’s Fashion

I figure I should stop proscastinating, get it over and done with with this one last post that I dreaded compiling up so much. This is especially for those who was kind enough to delurk & message me in letting me know you’d love to see this post. Thank you. So here it is, the last fashion post for our beloved Fashion Queen: Chun Song Yi from My Love From The Stars. Continue reading

My Love From The Stars: Yoo Se Mi’s Fashion


Apart from the fashion queen that is Chung Song Yi, Yoo Se Mi who is portrayed by Yoo In Na also gets to enjoy wearing pretty clothes in My Love From The Stars. Due to the fact that Se Mi is a two-face goody good girl so a lot of her clothes are sophisticated, conservative and the girl’s next door type of clothes. Can I just say I don’t enjoy posting woman fashion? Because there is just soooooooooo many more! I’ll die when I get to Song Yi’s (contemplating on procastinating a little longer now…).
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My Love From The Stars: Chun Yoon Jae’s Fashion


My procastination on Chun Song Yi’s fashion post had led me to do the side characters’ fashion posts first, heh. Stay tuned for Hwi Kyung and Se Mi’s later but now we focus on Song Yi’s cute little brother, Chun Yoon Jae. I still can’t get my head around to accept the fact that this boy is 26 years old (Born 1st July, 1987) in real life and not that rebellious 18 years old high schooler he played in the show. *Aarghh*

My mind keeps registering him as a teenager each time I see him rather than a man who is same age as Lee Min Ho and is hyung to Kim Soo Hyun! Maybe, just maybe when I see him in the right age, mature role (e.g. You’re All Surrounded) I’ll be able to fix this recognition problem.

Okay, let’s have a look at model turns actor – Ahn Jae Hyun in an 18 years old skin of Chun Yoon Jae with fashion.
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My Love From The Stars: Do Min Joon’s Fashion

One of the big buzz of My Love From The Stars has got to be the fashion in the show. Here we are, fashion nazi gogoboi has once again compiled almost all the branded clothes worn by Kim Soo Hyun as alien professor / manager – Do Min Joon. Personally, I have always had a thing for men’s winter coats and Kim Soo Hyun hit the jackpot for me with a lot of the coats he wore. Funnily in real life, I noticed Kim Soo Hyun isn’t the kind that cares much about fashion. Too bad because if I were him, I would ask to take some of these clothes home!
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[MV] My Love From The Stars: Similarities Between Song Yi & Min Joon

The video is awesome in my opinion. I hadn’t noticed the similarities in the scenes until I saw this video. The fans have sharp eyes. Awww, Song Yi and Min Joon are meant for each other. Through their less than 3 months interactions, they have unconsciously influence each other so much without them knowing it. Heh.

Now they just have to give us a happy ending which I’m positively sure that they will. ^ ^

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[MV] My Love From The Stars: A Blissful Dream

Aigoo, a music video has been released by SBS of Do Min Joon’s wish of a life with Song Yi from My Love From The Stars. I am a big sucker for this dream sequence. It was simple but beautiful and sad. I like the interactions in the dream sequence and with the music video showing a contrast in the absence and presence of Song Yi in Min Joon’s life, it really does emphasizes a huge difference and how lonely he is.

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[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Awards Fashion 2009 – 2013


Tomorrow is SBS Drama Awards 2013 and it’s that time of the year where the stars battle out on the red carpet on who is the best dressed! Lee Min Ho has been looking gorgeous each time he attended the awards especially last year’s so I am expecting him to blow up more ovaries tomorrow night. I’m going to be busy nose-bleeding as a few of my biases are attending, hahaha! That said, I do hope Lee Jong Suk will dye his hair back to black in time (why the hell he is in blonde today at the Hot Blooded Youth press con is beyond me. [泪] ). Wait, are all the boys from The Heirs attending too? OMGGGG ~~ I don’t have money to buy a new screen monitor! [悲伤]

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Joe Hisaishi in Budokan – Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert

This is for new fans of Studio Ghibli‘s Hayao Miyazaki and music composer Joe Hisaishi. I’ve found this full video of Joe Hisaishi’s 25 years concert performance on YouTube and gaaaahhhh~~ the whole settings had me in tears a few times (especially when the choirs performed for Laputa). It’s a huge deal since it’s a celebration of 25 years; it was performed in a budokan that can hold god knows how many audiences and so we get large orchestral members, large choirs, singers and soprano. The resulting effect of the performance is simply MAJESTIC and tear inducing! [泪][泪][泪]

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