The Kings of CF: Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun


Following the success of The Heirs and My Love From The Stars (also known as You Who Came From the Stars), both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun have become the most sought out Korean male artists for many large companies’ brand model, ambassador, spokeperson, or endorser (what’s the difference?) in their home country and overseas i.e. China. I must say I am really shocked at the news being released one after another regarding their new contract of endorsements. I did a little digging and calculations of the total of CFs both men now endorse, and it comes to a rather shocking number. I have a feeling it is still increasing! *dizzy*

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Coke, Water or Kim Soo Hyun?

It’s raining Kim Soo Hyun again! ❤ This boy is unstoppable after the success of My Love From The Stars. He is literally every where we turn; endorsing every thing I can think of. From the basic human needs such as water, beverages, clothings to the latest gadgets like mobile phone and tablet.

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Lee Seung Gi Engages Cha Seung Won in the Fusion Dance


HAHAHAHAHA! Can this two be less adorably geeky and childish all at the same time? XD

These are BTS pictures of Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi from the set of You’re All Surrounded, and I absolutely adore these pictures! So darn cute! The pictures show these two boys men with a 17 years age gap engaged in making cool poses, and most importantly, the Dragon Ball’s Fusion Dance. LOLLLLL oh my god, my tummy, it’s going to explode. XD XD XD Continue reading

50th Baeksang Arts Awards


The hype is now over and if last year’s SBS Drama Awards was all about The Heirs then 50th Baeksang Arts Awards is all about My Love From the Stars 😛 The most epic moment was when Lyn sang My Destiny, the music stopped and the screens started to play the scene from episode 11 where Song Yi tried to seduce Do Min Joon. Oh dear~ Jeon Ji Hyun was embarrassed although Soo Hyun was calm and then BOOM ~ it’s kissing scenes on every single big screens on the stage. That was one awesome sight and awkward moment for the both of them. But then that was not the end of it, the song ended with the red carpet kiss displaying on all big screens. HAHAHAHAHA! I just had to laugh. It would have been super duper awesome to be watching that live as a Stars fan.

As usual the fashion for the men are always less interesting than the women where all we see is the normal black suit but I kind of prefer they keep it simple and traditional rather than go all fluorescene or something! Call me conservative, I’m just not used to funny colours.

Anyway, here’s the winner’s list!
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Who’s Excited for 50th Baeksang Arts Awards Tonight?


I haven’t been excited about an award show for … let’s just say a very loooong time, and the arrival of tonight’s 50th Baeksang Arts Awards has gotten me all hyped up. I think the main reason being, a lot of the stars that got nominated are the ones I currently like, and think have plenty of potentials in their acting careers. Not to mention I get to see them all dress up, preferbly not in flowery design, please! EXO’s fans also get to see EXO-K performing their new song Overdose and Lyn will sing My Destiny on stage.

There is a saying that usually in the Korean award systems, the stars that announced they will attend the award ceremonies mean they are winning, so it’s pretty much a sure win for the Stars couple then? 😀 Both Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun have confirmed to attend and no news on if they will walk the red carpet together, but I really hope they will. Back in 2012, I had hoped to see the imja couple – Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun walk the red carpet for Faith in SBS drama award, but that never happened so now I’m putting all my hopes in Stars couple because their chances is so much higher, and they should receive the attention and love together as ‘one’, so I’m praying hard and saying pleaseeeee, grant me this wish.

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Lee Min Ho in One Line Romance: Episode 3 [End]

Lee Min Ho for NAVER LINE Messenger Micro Drama [EPISODE 3 -.mp40052

How quick we have reached the end of Min Ho and Ling Ling’s romance story, however, in the story, it is only the beginning of their journey as a couple. 🙂 LINE gives them a perfect ending to the courtship and also presented to us how we can maintain our relationships/courtship with people we love through the use of social media app. In reality, we often get too busy or tied up with our own lives that we forget to maintain communication with people we care about or it can be difficult to communicate with our loved ones face-to-face and this is where LINE app can come in to help us. Continue reading

LINE Naver China Releases Micro Drama ‘One Line Romance’ with Lee Min Ho


Recently a LINE App CF micro drama has been released on the web starring Lee Min Ho and Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden Kuo. The CF is co-produced by LINE Naver and HB Entertainment who is the production company behind the hit drama – My Love From The Stars hence we also get to see Song Yi’s manager and stylist in the CF. And this time, they are working for the musician/composer – Lee Min Ho. The CF micro drama named One Line Romance (or I would call it Love at First LINE as opposed to Love at first sight) is light, fun and fluffy to watch and for now, only the first episode is released. With the release of this CF drama, LINE China also releases free Love at First Line sticker set but unfortunately, I read that only those who lives in China and register their Chinese mobile number will be able to download the sticker. 😥

This sort of micro drama isn’t new to me or possibly the Asian countries as I have seen a few really lovely ones before this. I must say I really like the idea of micro CF dramas as compared to the really short and boring (sometimes ridiculous) CFs we often see on TV these days. These sort of CF tends to draw more attention from the viewers as it isn’t just about a product they are trying to sell but also the storyline and the casts.

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Hunger Strikes Thanks to Jeon Ji Hyun the CF Queen

It is really a bad idea to look at Jeon Ji Hyun‘s CFs right now as her current and newest CFs have everything to do with food! Gaaahhhh I am hungry. Chicken and beer made famous once again by Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love From The Stars has put her under the radar for BHC food company. They recently courted Jeon Ji Hyun to be the spokeperson for their products. And then we also have Jeon Ji Hyun’s contract continuation with Paris Baguette. Mon dieu, my stomach is growling! I’m very sure I will be pigging out on my dinner when it is ready. Continue reading

Lee Min Ho Attended 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment Conference


The shocking news (at least for me) of today was seeing Lee Min Ho walking and sitting few metres away from Korea’s President Park Geun Hye. Apparently, uri Min Ho has been invited to attend as a representative of entertainment industry at the 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment conference on April 4 to offer suggestions on the topic of ‘Success Strategy for Hallyu Wave.’

The conference is presided by President Park Geun Hye herself and attended by the chairman, experts and members of the Presidential Commitee for Cultural Enrichment. They discussed about the future plans for developing and expanding the country’s cultural content market. As the only entertainer and representative who attended the meeting, Lee Min Ho gave suggestions to the development of Hallyu culture by sharing his own experience with the commitee members.

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Lee Min Ho: “KyoChon’s Chicken, Beer or Me?”


I swear both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun will be the death of me with all these activities going on non-stop, although I do not intend to update all of their scheduled activities but occasionally I couldn’t resist because (1) They purify my eyes (2) I love them (3) I miss seeing them in dramas so this is the only way to quench my thrist of them (figuratively speaking).

Has anyone had dinner yet? Should we have supper at KyoChon for some fried chicken (and beer) endorsed by uri Min Ho-ssi, Crazies?

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Jo Seung Woo Serenades ‘Magic Castle’ in God’s Gift – 14 Days

Jo Seung Woo opened his golden mouth, played guitar and sang ‘Magic Castle‘ in episode 9 of this week’s God’s Gift – 14 Days. It was really refreshing as well as surprising to hear how well his voice matches with the acoustic music. Couple with the situation of the current storyline, it adds extra feels and sadness to his serenade.

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Kim Soo Hyun Stealing Hearts in Lemona CF

Gah~ it’s raining Kim Soo Hyun today and this time it’s the new endorsement he signed on with vitamin C brand – Lemona, right after he finished filming My Love From The Stars. When the news broke out, it made headlines and was a big deal because since its founding 31 years ago, Lemona has only been strictly promoted by women or female celebrities, but Soo Hyun has broken the tradition by being its first male model.
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