The Heirs: Episode 17

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This is the hardest episode that I have to recap so far. My heart aches for TanSang so much in episode! I loved this episode because it delivered so much feels and made me cry when I first watched it without subs. I couldn’t sleep thinking about how helpless and broken Tanny and Eun Sang was. Trust me when you watch this episode you can’t help but feel a little depressed. We follow Tanny losing his mind after discovering the consequences for wielding his sword against his father. He not only lost Eun Sang, he lost his dream, his strength and his soul mate. The guilt coupled with losing his dream of having a loving family and his beloved hyung sent him over the edge. All the years of holding it in and keeping a brave face all crumpled down on him as he discovered the empty maid’s room, the empty locker and the empty apartment. Continue reading


The Heirs: Episode 16

Tan had lost the family that he tried so hard to make whole, because of the crown his father is forcing him to wear and Won’s greed to hold on to that crown. He was forced to lose everything, without a choice.

Eun Sang in going up to Tan’s room, I’m hoping she did not chose any of the options the Chairman gave her and made an option for herself.

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The Heirs: Episode 15

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The previous episode left most fans of the Heirs with butterflies in our stomach. We eagerly waited for this episode with high expectations of more OTP moments after they publicly declared their love. Although the OTP moments were minimal this episode did meet expectations as it delivered laughs, relationship development, character development and lots of emotional scenes. If you have been waiting for bromance this is the episode for TanDo fans!  Continue reading

The Heirs: Episode 14

After Tan’s revelation of his birth secret, the burden of it that hanged over his head has been lifted. There may be lot of trouble ahead and repercussion to face, but Tan’s burden had been eased. Eun Sang also took a leap and accepted Tan’s hand and outed their relationship to the whole school.

We saw some bromance between Tan and Won, let’s hope that Tan being kicked out, become the way to melt Won’s heart and accept his brother.

Rachel is gearing up and sharpening her claws and I can’t wait to see how Eun Sang protect herself and her love.

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The Heirs: Episode 13

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This has to be one of the most emotional yet sweetest episodes so far! It is jammed packed with heart warming and cute moments with lots of revelations and character development. Most importantly we see Eun Sang taking courage, admitting to her feelings and standing side by side with Kim Tan. Basically in this episode one ship sails while others sink. Continue reading

Mi Rae’s Choice: Episodes 13-14

All the secrets are finally revealed and Mi Rae actually gets to be in on it for a change. It’s about time. Surprisingly little progress is made, however, as our main characters remain largely frozen in stasis in the painful aftermath of their crumbling romantic relationships and career setbacks. La Petite and I have made much of spring bringing new beginnings after the snow, but Episodes 13 and 14 introduce more stumbling blocks (with some strange plot detours that makes me wonder whether the writer is as confused as we are) than positive change. Let’s just say that much will have to occur in the finale week if we’re to be left with something beyond unfulfilled hopes.

We have combined our separate recaps into one post this week because these two episodes should probably be watched together – it’s difficult enough to understand individually!

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The Heirs: Episode 12

Tan is offering his hand to Eun Sang, begging her to take it. Will she take it and finally go through everything together? Or will she refuse him and break his heart to pieces? I wish Eun Sang will see that Tan is doing his best to protect her and have more courage to take his hand.

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Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 11

Episode 11 puts the progress of relationship in the background and focus more on our heroine i.e. Mi Rae’s discovery of her career goal and concentrate further on developing her character’s growth. Even though the progress of relationship becomes secondary, nonetheless, it was well-covered in regards to how each of the 4 main characters should behave when all of their feelings are out in the open. More secret is unravel and we begin to understand Ajumma’s motivations and determination to do what it takes to change Mi Rae’s future.

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The Heirs: Episode 11

Episode 10 ended with another love triangle encounter. Young Do sees Kim Tan coming to the campsite and antagonises him by hugging Eun Sang. Will this love tug a war continue or will the Youngtanic sink? Will Eun Sang tell Kim Tan how she feels about him? Will Young Do get a chance to show his true feelings? Will Eun Sang be moved by Young Do’s sincerity? Will Kim Tan prove to Eun Sang what he means and walk the walk rather than just talk the talk? Continue reading

The Heirs: Episode 10

Our OTP’s feelings are out in the open. Tan must find a way to give Eun Sang courage so she can stand by him when he finally takes care of the challenges ahead. Eun Sang needs to take a leap of faith and start to dream again for herself, for her mom and for Tan. I want to see them again all happy and bickering like normal teenagers.

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The Heirs: Episode 9

So episode 8 ended with a kiss and we had to wait all week to see how the kiss went. Not to mention what would happen between Kim Tan and Young Do in the punch up. Those who had high expectations about the kiss was disappointed whilst those who didn’t may not have been as disappointed. In this episode Eun Sang finally admits that she likes Kim Tan. But this did not make him as happy as one would expect. Read on and you’ll find out why. Continue reading

The Heirs: Episode 8

We got a confession from Tan, I’m excited to find out where it leads them. I don’t think Eun Sang is ready to accept Tan yet, even if she already have feelings for him. Tan and Eun Sang still has issues they need to overcome. I hope they both find the strength and courage to deal with everything together.

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