Awesome Teasers for The Three Musketeers & More Stills!

tvN releases yet another teaser trailer for The Three Musketeers, and this time featuring an all characters version. One word: Daebak! Well, at least for me… 🙂

The teaser starts off with Lee Jin Wook all calm and prince-like with his men protecting him, and then we see Jung Yong Hwa sword-fighting on the table while the other two Musketeers – Yang Dong Geun & Jung Hae In fight off enemies on the ground. We also get a few glances of the ladies – Yoo In Young and Seo Hyun Jin in the teaser, and I absolutely love what I see… ❤

While all 3 boys being super badass kicking arses on the sideline, the Crown Prince Seohyeon slices a man to save his wife, Yoon Seo. Meanwhile another woman, Jo Mi Ryung watches with sadness from afar. It’s difficult to completely interpret what the short teaser is trying to convey, but we can pretty much sense their feelings, and the dynamics around these characters.
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Official Poster & Two More Character Teasers Released for The Three Musketeers


Full promotion has begun as tvN releases the first official poster for The Three Musketeers, along with two more individual character teasers for the remaining two musketeers – Yang Dong Geun and Jung Hae In. The swashbuckling members are complete: Uri Musketeers are now All for One and One for All.

What’s left is for tvN to continue impress us further with the girls’ teasers. I await with utmost anticipation!

Tune in to tvN as The Three Musketeers premieres on August 17.
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Park Hae Jin & Kim Sang Joong Ready to Kick Ass in ‘Bad Guys’


I really shouldn’t get excited about this pairing just by looking at the script rehearsal stills of upcoming OCN drama, Bad Guys (literal title). > <” But it’s hard not to, because it’s Kim Sang Joong and Park Hae Jin.

Bad Guys is screen-write by Han Jung Hoon, who previously wrote Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 and 2. I’m not familiar with him or his previous work, but I’ve heard about the drama, and I was not motivated to try it out. Perhaps someone who has seen both seasons can give me a 101 on how well this screen writer is with his ‘writing’. I can only hope Park Hae Jin doesn’t crash and burn again with ANOTHER badly written drama. Jaebal ~

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Lee Jin Wook Looking Almighty in The Three Musketeers Teaser


After swooning over the dashing Jung Yong Hwa as hero Park Dal Hyang last night, I am now abusing the replay button for Crown Prince Lee Jin Wook in the short teaser from The Three Musketeer. ❤ Both teasers look so good! Lee Jin Wook looks amaaazing! The costume, the lighting to the colours, and the visual. Charismatic characters stills have been released for both characters too.

One word to describe this all: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

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Fated to Love You Releases 2 More Interesting Teasers


MBC new drama Fated to Love You releases two new teaser trailers, outlining clearer to us how the drama story will start out, and also introduce the four major characters starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won. From the trailers, it does look like the start of the story will be 90% similar to the original; I do like what I see in terms of visual, and how all four of them fit into their individual characters.

The official posters are also out, although I have to say I am unsure what the concept of it supposed to represent for two of the posters (e.g. above) – why is Nara hanging off in the air? A gift from heaven to Jang Hyuk?
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Fated to Love You Releases First Teaser of Jang Hyuk Serenading Jang Nara

Looks like MBC has got everything ready to launch its upcoming romance comedy drama, Fated to Love You, starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Wang Ji Won with A New Leaf coming to an end in one week’s time.

I am extremely sad to let Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong go; they both have strong on-screen presence, and they carry their roles so well in the drama. I just love watching them act, but nothing good last forever, and it is always good to end a good drama when appropriate. Continue reading

Lee Seung Gi Engages Cha Seung Won in the Fusion Dance


HAHAHAHAHA! Can this two be less adorably geeky and childish all at the same time? XD

These are BTS pictures of Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi from the set of You’re All Surrounded, and I absolutely adore these pictures! So darn cute! The pictures show these two boys men with a 17 years age gap engaged in making cool poses, and most importantly, the Dragon Ball’s Fusion Dance. LOLLLLL oh my god, my tummy, it’s going to explode. XD XD XD Continue reading

Casts of Joseon Gunman Hold Press Con with 7 Mins Introductory Preview


With 6 more days till Joseon Gunman airs its first episode, KBS has held a press conference to promote the drama with the main casts  Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Han Joo Wan and Jeon Hye Bin. Isn’t it adorably cute (and a little silly) that they were made to pose, and pretend holding a gun? Hahaha! 😀 A seven minutes long introductory preview was also released.

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Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi on A Sageuk Date in Joseon Gunman



Give me this, NOW!

Whoever the photographer is, all I can say is: s/he has successfully lured and captured my utmost attention with these visually beautiful stills (and let’s not forget the posters) from KBS2 upcoming drama – Joseon Gunman. The latest released promotional stills show Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi on what seems like a date or two; fascinated with the globe and exploring the flower garden.

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[Drama News] Choi Jin Hyuk’s Multiple Identities in Fated to Love You – Club DJ by Night, Designer and Priest by Day?


MBC has heard our prayers, ladies! We now have first glimpse of Choi Jin Hyuk‘s character – Daniel from the upcoming drama Fated to Love You. Now isn’t he looking flashy, cool and dashing? Though I would recommend ditching the sunnies, as I don’t think that actually helps one see very well in a night club. Continue reading

[Drama News] Jang Hyuk & Wang Ji Won’s Blissful Date in Fated to Love You


With the premiering of the upcoming romance comedy drama Fated to Love You drawing near, MBC continues to release teaser stills of the leads, reminding us to glue ourselves to the TV when it airs on July 2. Today, we get lovey dovey stills of Jang Hyuk and Wang Ji Won at a park, where we see Jang Hyuk blissfully rest his head on Wang Ji Won’s lap. Continue reading

[Drama News] Joseon Gunman: Official Posters for All Casts


Oh my, the posters are awesome! ❤

Instead of releasing one poster per day, KBS decided to give drama fans a huge treat and releases a total of 6 character posters from the highly anticipated sageuk drama Joseon Gunman. Previously we have already gotten a poster treat to couple Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi (see below), and today we get not only the main leads, but also beautiful posters of the supporting actors Han Joo Wan, Jeon Hye Bin and Yoo Oh Sung. Continue reading

[Drama News] Joseon Gunman 1st Teaser Preview Release!

KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40042

With 18 more days to go before its premiere date, KBS has kindly released an extremely vague and short teaser of Joseon Gunman to tease the viewers. But hey, I doubt the anticipated drama fans would mind because finally, we get a 24 seconds glimpse of the male lead – Lee Jun Ki!

… although I would complain that I can barely see his face, or his Joseon gunman style in the dark, but thankfully, with the reflection of the silvery sword from his opponent – we see a face! Yeah yeah, I’m being sarcastic with KBS’s stinginess. Anyway, here’s his ‘face’…

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