We were the Crazy 9.


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  1. Wouah… You guys are so secretive till the end ! Not even telling it was a blog made by “…”! Uri “…”!
    I thought it was just Hanjae joining a group of people I never met. LOL, you fooled me well..
    Arasso ! You guys want to play hide and seek, Uh ? I’m gonna guess who are who by myself. è__é

    [30 seconds later]

    Okay, I already guessed the rest of the bunch, but won’t mention names in case you don’t want them to be published.
    But La Petite you’re soooo dead !! è__é
    (I hope you really are who I think you are, otherwise I’m so sorry. XD)

    In between, even if I’m really disappointed at you guys, a new blog should be celebrated properly ! Hehehe…

    I’m really glad for you all ! Chincha !! =D

    (how do I insert gifs ?)

     Did you think I would bring soju and mojitos ? Don’t even dream about it ! You guys need to be sober in order to write great articles. Mwouahaha… *W*

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  2. So this is Mommy’s lovely second home.

    annyeon to all my beautiful aunties. Daddy says congrats for the crazy9 blog!

    Where are the pictures of Doctor Eun-Soo??? She’s pretty 🙂

    Hugs and meme,


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  3. Gosh looks like I’m soo late @ducky ur sooo dead for not telling me abt this !!! :-p

    Chingus kamsamhida to all of you for creating this !!! Can’t believe it all abt uri faithlings !! You all have met each other before ….Chincha …chingus love u all hugs n best wishes for all the hardworking done..This webbo is gonna be great success !! im sooo Happy for you all !!! 😀 😀 😀

    I agree with yunni a new blog is to be celebrated in a blasted manner !! Crazy 9 chingus fighting !!!!


  4. @Mappyminho – annyeong chingu!!! LOL I don’t know what to say hahaha 🙂 come and play with us here. We all love Daejang!!! Daejang is numero uno – our number one hero LOL. Actually Imja couple is the best!
    Don’t kill me and we can share Daejang!


  5. Hi crazies
    Love to find your crazy blog during the season of The Heirs. Love your crazy but warm and humour thoughts. I don’t know how to leave you message so that please let me leave you here.
    Can you please open a post for our visistors to play a game to guess about the ending of The Heirs before the preview is revealed for next ep 19. Just one of my crazy thought.
    Have a nice weekend


  6. Annyeong everyone
    My first time in here.
    I have been advised to come crazy9 blog.
    I am not good English But I will try to talk
    Many people may not remember me, but maybe my memory jub jub.

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  7. Annyeong @bee_ipa,Frau,Duck,LaPetite, Yuuni,Mappyminho
    How are you guys? 🙂
    So happy that you guys created a blog for Heirs.
    Will drop by when available.
    Hugs 🙂


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