The Kings of CF: Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun


Following the success of The Heirs and My Love From The Stars (also known as You Who Came From the Stars), both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun have become the most sought out Korean male artists for many large companies’ brand model, ambassador, spokeperson, or endorser (what’s the difference?) in their home country and overseas i.e. China. I must say I am really shocked at the news being released one after another regarding their new contract of endorsements. I did a little digging and calculations of the total of CFs both men now endorse, and it comes to a rather shocking number. I have a feeling it is still increasing! *dizzy*

Now now Minoz and Soo Hyun’s fans (KMoon, Yukaris etc), just to be clear, this post is not written to compare the both of them like those annoying news articles and fans have been doing. I happen to admire both men, and think they are both attractive and fantastic actors in their own unique ways. (Note: the same goes to Lee Jong Suk and his best buddy Kim Woo Bin). Off topic a little, it is my little wish if someone could put them together in drama or movie so I could watch them challenge and inspire each other in their acting. Imagine the bromance and the flying sparks, how loverly & exciting would that be? I might die from internal haemorrhaging though (from having too many eye-candies on one big screen).

Anyway, I said I did a little research so here’s what I’ve gotten so far for both of their CF deals (as of July 05, 2015). It may not be all, as I have never bothered to pay attention.

Okay, we shall take a look at Lee Min Ho’s CF or endorsement deals first because he’s hyung (born 1987).

Lee Min Ho


  1. Bench – Philippines
  2. Innisfree – Asia
  3. Romanson – Korea
  4. Lotte Duty Free – Asia & Korea
  5. Kyochon Chicken – Asia
  6. Guess Jeans
  7. FILA – China
  8. LG Electronics – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  9. Isuni Potato Snack – China
  10. 周大福 (Chow Tai Fook) – Hong Kong
  11. Kumho Tyres – China
  12. Orion Q蒂 – China


South Korea

  1. TNGT

China & Other Countries

  1. Samsonite Red – Asia
  2. 11th Street – Malaysia
  3. PEPSI  維動力

Ended Contract 2014

  1. Eider Friends
  2. Semir – China
  3. CJ Foodville – A Twosome Place
  4. Lotte Hotel Busan
  5. Tao Bao Mobile App
  6. KIA K3S
  7. Weishi
  8. LINE Naver
  9. Suphier (Ladies shoes)
  10. Darjeeling Iced Tea
  11. Yadea Electric Bike
  12. TsingTao Beer
  13. Ozing (好記星) – Digital mobile internet educational services
  14. Tenwow (Beverage – Tea)
  15. OSIM μDiva – Singapore
  16. Jeju Air

[吃惊] I’m surprised Eider has dropped Lee Min Ho! LINE Naver (China) was a bit of a waste of time in the company’s perspective since not long after the CFs were released, the Chinese government decided to ban the app in July 2014! Nonetheless, no loss to the man since he’d have been paid anyway.

Now we look at Soo Hyun’s CF or endorsement deals.

Kim Soo Hyun


  1. Beanpole Outdoor
  3. Beyond
  4. CJ Foodville – Tous Les Jours
  5. The Face Shop
  6. Hana Bank
  7. Lemona Vitamin C
  8. Lotte Duty Free
  9. Chungho Nais
  10. Semir


South Korea

  1. Jeju Air
  2. FILA


  1. Black Cattle ‘Taki’ Cocktails
  2. Caffe Bene

Ended Contracts 2014

  1. Samsonite Red
  2. Calvin Klein Jeans
  3. Orion Pocachips
  4. Petizel Fruity
  5. KwangDong (Corn drink)
  6. Lotte Department Store
  7. Hyundai ix25
  8. Yili’s Honey Dew Yoghurt Drink
  9. Samsung Electronics
  10. Coca Cola*
  11. Ao Kang International (Shoes Brand)
  12. Teng Xun (騰訊)
  13. DOVE Chocolates
  14. Häagen-Dazs
  15. Nature’s Bounty
  16. Evergrande Spring Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water with Jeon Ji Hyun
  17. Sogua Search
  18. Pizza Hut
  19. Aimatech Electic Bikes

*When a star signs with Coca Cola – the company has a rule that the star cannot sign any beverage contracts with other companies, but they have broken their own rule when they decide to sign on Soo Hyun, as they have allowed Soo Hyun to sign other beverage contracts as long as there is no direct competition with their Coca Cola brand. [ppb鼓掌] Yay to the Soo Hyun’s star effect and with the help of how popular Stars is in China.

Edited: 05/07/2015

2014 has been an extreeeeemely good year for Lee Min Ho, what with all these endoresements, but extreeeeeemely lonesome for his drama fans who love watching him act. With just one movie last year, the rest of the year was spent on CF making and promoting; he was also busy prancing on the stage for his concerts, as well as milking his cows in every possible ways. It’s rather a pity that he or Starhaus decided money is more important than building up and solidy his filmography’s resume. I write this with a grudge for I simply cannot believe with so many scripts he has received, and there is none that actually worthwhile and challenging for him to do. Really. Really?

Meanwhile even though Kim Soo Hyun was equally unproductive in the drama/movie department in 2014, but I shall cut him some slack since his drama ended early 2014, and he did just complete a 12-episode drama The Producer on KBS2 not too long ago. He has also confirmed on a movie named Real while filming The Producer, so I am thrilled indeed for the comeback, and is confident that he has chosen something completely different to what he has done before.

Lee Min Ho, too, has decided on a Korean-Chinese movie playing a Bounty Hunter. I can’t say I am excited at all because so far the premise sounded so much like his ex-City Hunter character. I don’t know until I see the posters, stills or trailers, but so far it’s just not making my heart flutters with excitement. It didn’t help too that I don’t have much faith in the quality of storylines and cinematography of a K and C-production project. Of course, I am fully ready to be proven wrong. So, please do.


13 thoughts on “The Kings of CF: Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun

  1. You forgot Fila (China) for LMH and i think 2 more that I can’t recall. Suffice it to say the man is so busy i don’t think he’s had time to film his cf for Fila yet. I hope he gets some rest before filming GB. Realistically though, a film schedule is easier to manage than a drama sked so he’s got some breathing room in the next 4 months unlike when he is filming a drama. I’m desperate to see him in one this year though.

    I hate all the articles pitting LMH vs KSH. It’s all very foolish – they’re both talented, popular and raking it in right now both in KR, CN & other articles. Who cares who is more popular or have more CFs? They’re both far ahead of everybody else. I like KWB & LJS enough. But if I were Jang Geun Suk (or his agency), I would be pretty upset that his name keeps getting left out in most talks about the next wave of Hallyu fans. Note I’m not a fan of JGS, but as far as I know, he’s still a much bigger star in CN and most of Asia than KWB & LJS. No offense to the fans of both guys since their stars are certainly rising; all I’m saying is that JGS’ agency is not doing their job right now. While some agencies are riding on the coat tails of all this next wave Hallyu discussion around LMH & KSH, JGS’s agency has been pretty quiet. I would fire them if I were JGS as they’re not doing their job. LOL


    • LOL I knew JGS’ mom is his manager; I didn’t realize they own the agency that manages him. (dummy me!) anyway I don’t think a good drama alone will help JGS revive his image in KR. I noticed they don’t like him much or perceive him well. He became far too flamboyant for his own good; he needs an image consultant & new mgmt. Good thing he’s loved overseas. Just my opinion. LOL

      Like you, Heirs is not my fave drama of LMH though I did feel a lot of empathy for Kim Tan (bec of his crappy family lol). I’ve always liked LMH’s CF portfolio esp since he’s been with them for a long time. The new ones are pretty strong brands too and I love that they’re not relying on traditional campaign executions. It’s the way to go in this age where social media rules.


  2. I love you kim soo hyun!!!now that you’re signed to my fave beverage brand-cocacola-i’ll drink to stupor!!!:*:*


  3. Thanks for sharing. I believe KIM SOO HYUN still endorses Canon, but I did not see it in the list. If I’m not mistaken he just had a fan signing event on 3/28. Thanks again.


  4. we must all accept the fact that these two are working hard now because the inevitable is about to come.. military service. So they must make the most of everything. huhuhu~ some those who also received the letter for military enlistment are: Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoon Shi Yoon (what will we watch then!?!??!) Although it has been reported that both LMH and KSH postponed their military service to 2015. So I certainly hope they make tons of movies and dramas now. hehe~ ♥


  5. Hahahaha I noticed you referred to them as your ‘hubbies’ LOL nicely done!!!
    Kim Soo Hyun is my hubby la ROFL


  6. Honestly these two men are really tall, handsome, and good actors. But to me i don’t know why Kim Soo Hyun is supper attractive to me more than Lee Min Ho hahaha. So yeahh i will always vote for Kim Soo Hyun ;))


  7. “I’m happy that Min Ho has gotten what he deserves although I also thought it came 2 years too late, but better late than never.”

    What do you mean by that, La Petite ?
    Although I don’t know LMH’s biography; I always thought he was amazingly popular and filmed and modeled loads of cfs. I’m aware that his popularity increased thanks to Heirs, but I never thought he needed more fame. lol


    • I don’t think LMH would ever be a CF king in KR (if KR alone) based on how they normally count it – which is no of brands endorsed for several reasons. 1 – he’s pretty selective of his endorsements compared to most artists/idols and when Starhaus opted for 3-yr contracts instead in 2011, that probably limited his options since his CF fee is already too high to commit 3-yrs to. I didn’t mind so much since he ended up with solid brands like Trugen, Eider, Innisfree. 2 – his CF fee is not cheap so the smaller companies with huge billboards on Seoul streets can’t afford him anyway LOL, 3 – I realized LMH is pretty private (e.g. grants so few interviews, no variety appearances, focus on productions and fan meetings alone); thus his only way to reach out to the public is thru his dramas. He will never achieve LSG’s level at this rate – him of the triple-threat and ahjumma fave!

      My personal opinion is that I don’t think LMH minds so much since he’s an A-lister despite being selective & has a bunch of scripts to choose from, he makes good money even at just 1 drama a year and he’s got a throng of fans everywhere. It’s worrisome already that he needs a bodyguard for public appearances. I wonder what he’ll need if he gets even more famous. LOL

      I do think he got burned out after BOF with the large no of CFs & the appearances it entailed. I am hoping that doesnt happen this time around as he’s stretching himself too much (KSH too). plus i think the fall-out after his relationship became public a few years ago just made him protect his privacy even more. He doesn’t really make an effort to be in the public eye unless he has a project. He much prefers doing fan meetings to interact with his fan base instead of actively trying to expand it further.

      I can tell you who I think are so obvious at their efforts to expand their fan base. Hehehehe….

      Liked by 1 person

    • Forgot to say; I think LMH is popular enough in KR ESP the young ones. But it won’t be easy to find his billboard or photos in Seoul’s innumerable ones LOL unless you see an Innisfree or Eider outlet. I thought my country had tons of them; we’re nothing compared to Seoul. Just unfortunate that most ahjumma’s will remember him from BOF & the now recent Heirs. I am hoping that changes soon, maybe if he does a melodrama or a weekend family drama, which I simply cannot picture him doing before his military service.


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