[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Airport Fashion 2014

A new year means a whole new fashion post for Lee Min Ho. If you are interested in his Airport Fashion 2013, please proceed to ➡ HERE.

I think so far so good with his fashion choices in 2014. Early half of 2014, I can see that Lee Min Ho still retain a bit of Kim Tan in him and that reflect on his fashion; especially in public activities (but not so much in airport fashion). However, as he took on the role of Kim Dae Jong in Gangnam Blues and with summer visiting, he’s dressing a lot more casual and is seen completely shed off the Kim Tan’s curse of funny fashion style. I am happy to announce that uri Min Hot is now back to the Lee Min Ho I once knew, who dresses “normally”. \(^0^)/ HAHAHA~  

It really helps that the VIP minoz are all professional photographers now; it’s satisfying to see high quality pictures shared so we can study his fashion sense from head to toe.

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[10.01.2014] Korea >>> Wuhan, China

[13.01.2014] China >>> Korea

[22.01.2014] Korea >>> Guang Zhou, China
Filming new CFs: Tao Bao, Wei Shi and Ai Shang Potato chips

[26.01.2014] Guang Zhou >>> Beijing, China
Attending CCTV Chinese New Year Gala Performance

[31.01.2014] Beijing >>> Korea

[07.02.2014] Korea >>> New Zealand
For Eider shooting

[11.02.2014] Auckland, New Zealand >>> Korea

[14.02.2014] Korea >>> Shanghai, China

[15.02.2014] China >>> Korea

[20.02.2014] Korea >>> Shanghai, China
For Kia

[23.02.2014] China >>> Korea

[07.03.2014] Korea >>> Hang Zhou, China

[07.03.2014] Hang Zhou, China >>> Korea

[17.03.2014] Korea >>> Shanghai >>> Korea

[21.03.2014] Korea >>> Philippines

[24.03.2014] Philippines >>> China

[26.03.2014] ChengDu, China >>> Korea

[27.03.2014] Korea >>> Japan

[30.03.2014] Japan >>> Korea

[10.04.2014] Korea >>> China

[11.04.2014] China >>> Korea

[15.06.2014] Korea >>> China

[16.06.2014] Beijing >>> Korea

[27.06.2014] Seoul >>> Jeju Island

[27.06.2014] Jeju Island >>> Seoul

[28.06.2014] Korea >>> Shanghai

[28.06.2014] Shanghai >>> Hong Kong

[29.06.2014] Hong Kong >>> Korea

[04.07.2014] Korea >>> Taiwan

[04.07.2014] Taiwan >>> Korea

[14.07.2014] Korea >>> Shanghai, China

[16.07.2014] China >>> Korea