Awesome Teasers for The Three Musketeers & More Stills!

tvN releases yet another teaser trailer for The Three Musketeers, and this time featuring an all characters version. One word: Daebak! Well, at least for me… πŸ™‚

The teaser starts off with Lee Jin Wook all calm and prince-like with his men protecting him, and then we see Jung Yong Hwa sword-fighting on the table while the other two Musketeers – Yang Dong Geun & Jung Hae In fight off enemies on the ground. We also get a few glances of the ladies – Yoo In Young and Seo Hyun Jin in the teaser, and I absolutely love what I see… ❀

While all 3 boys being super badass kicking arses on the sideline, the Crown Prince Seohyeon slices a man to save his wife, Yoon Seo. Meanwhile another woman, Jo Mi Ryung watches with sadness from afar. It’s difficult to completely interpret what the short teaser is trying to convey, but we can pretty much sense their feelings, and the dynamics around these characters.

More thoughts about The Three Musketeers later… just let me abuse the replay button first! ❀


TEASERS of Yoo In Young as Jo Mi Ryung

TEASERS of Seo Hyun Jin as Yoon Seo

tvN! Give me moreeeee, pleaseeee! I seriously am loving what I see for all teasers. Yoo In Young’s teaser is not showing much, but the message is delivered across quite clearly to the viewers, with the background music carrying a sad tone. A woman in pain, suffering & anger (indicated by red), who may have suffered betrayal, and got her heart broken is seeking revenge, whereas Seo Hyun Jin’s go for a much more pure, innocent take.

The cinematography from all teasers are simply gorgeous, full of colours and wonderful musical themes. Yong Hwa, Jung Hae In and Yang Dong Geun get the rocker/alternative style music to show how bad ass they are, while Lee Jin Wook’s is drum emphasizing his majestic, royalty status; Yoo In Young’s employing strings (cello I think) to showcase the sadness, and lastly, Seo Hyun Jin’s with piano and modern music.

Back to the all characters teaser, having replay it a few times now, I can only say I’m really looking forward to August 17. Loving the choice of music as well, it’s the kind that excites your body cells by giving it an adrenaline rush; reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbeans actually. I think Yong Hwa deserves some praises for his sword-fighting performance in this teaser, especially from those who had thought he was lacking of sword skills in his previous character teaser.

tvN also releases more character stills, and eek, so gorgeous! ❀ They are HD enough to be wallpapers, too. Ahhhh the bliss. Apart from how gorgeous the stills of Lee Jin Wook and Yong Hwa are, I also quite like one of Jung Hae In’s where he was smiling. He’s another cutie. Heh! Yang Dong Geun is one that I can’t feel the attractiveness to yet, since physically the man isn’t the good-looking type. I’ll have to watch him in the drama in order to appreciate his goodness. πŸ™‚

The Three Musketeers will premiere on Sunday at 9PM KST, August 17.



Source: The 3 Musketeers Official Website | tvN Drama YouTube


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  1. For someone who has not practiced any form of martial arts thus far, Yong Hwa has done a great job in convincing the viewers that he knows a thing or two about sword fighting. His sword fighting skills reflect his background upbringing,while they may not be as refine, never-the-less they are a power to be reckoned with. I’m really looking forward to this drama.

    PS. Yes the BGM reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean type.

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