Official Poster & Two More Character Teasers Released for The Three Musketeers


Full promotion has begun as tvN releases the first official poster for The Three Musketeers, along with two more individual character teasers for the remaining two musketeers – Yang Dong Geun and Jung Hae In. The swashbuckling members are complete: Uri Musketeers are now All for One and One for All.

What’s left is for tvN to continue impress us further with the girls’ teasers. I await with utmost anticipation!

Tune in to tvN as The Three Musketeers premieres on August 17.

The poster isn’t breath-takingly awesome, but I like how it’s presented like a painting from historical period (i.e. like it’s in a scroll, if I’m making sense). This is just the first poster, so I hope to see better ones in the future. Can’t wait to collect all the individual character posters, too. My hard disk is ready. Bring it on!

TEASER – Yang Dong Geun as Heo Seung Po

TEASER – Jung Hae In as Ahn Min Seo

Source: tvN


One thought on “Official Poster & Two More Character Teasers Released for The Three Musketeers

  1. when i first saw Yang Dong Geun teaser, i was like “theres a gun in that era?” LOL i think i need to check my history ahhahah

    on the teaser everyone of the musketeers have interesting personality.
    based only to their expressions
    the prince is angry type
    yong is cheerful type
    that guy under yong is silent type
    below is the playful type
    LOL ahahhaha 😀

    anyway, getting more and more excited for this drama and see the musketeers interaction


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