Park Hae Jin & Kim Sang Joong Ready to Kick Ass in ‘Bad Guys’


I really shouldn’t get excited about this pairing just by looking at the script rehearsal stills of upcoming OCN drama, Bad Guys (literal title). > <” But it’s hard not to, because it’s Kim Sang Joong and Park Hae Jin.

Bad Guys is screen-write by Han Jung Hoon, who previously wrote Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 and 2. I’m not familiar with him or his previous work, but I’ve heard about the drama, and I was not motivated to try it out. Perhaps someone who has seen both seasons can give me a 101 on how well this screen writer is with his ‘writing’. I can only hope Park Hae Jin doesn’t crash and burn again with ANOTHER badly written drama. Jaebal ~


Park Hae Jin (Doctor Stranger, My Love From The Stars) sures waste no time jumping into the next project, too! Well, I can’t blame him for wanting to quickly put Doctor Stranger behind him. HAHAHA! XD But, I had thought that he was doing a C-drama after Doctor Stranger? Did he rejected that? Hmm…


Kim Sang Joong (City Hunter, A New Leaf) doesn’t need any more introduction. The man is one fantastic actor, which I have praised over and over again in various articles that was written previously. As long as the man is given a good script and a well-written character, heck, he’ll impress the heck out of ya. I might have to check this drama out now, even though I was pretty burned by a drama that has similar theme not so long ago i.e. Gap Dong.


Bad Guys also star the following actors: Ma Dong Seok, Kang Shin Il (God’s Gift – 14 Days, Emergency Couple), Jo Dong Hyuk (Inspiring Generation), Kang Ye Won (Quick, Ghost Sweepers) and Kim Tae Hoon (Innocent Man, Operation Proposal).

In summary, the drama is about Kim Sang Joong recruiting criminals in hope to catch criminals with the help of… well, criminals. Park Hae Jin plays the youngest, but very intelligent serial killer; Ma Dong Seok as a gangster; Jo Dong Hyuk as a contract killer and Kang Ye Won as a police inspector.

Seriously, it will be a huge challenge to put these guys under control. I mean, how do you make sure a SERIAL KILLER stop killing, or he is a serial killer who has decided to stop? But he wouldn’t be called a serial killer for no reason! Or he’s so intelligent that he can stop his desire to kill? Tae Oh (Lee Joon) should have met with him instead of admiring over Gap Dong. Hahaha!

I have gazillion questions about Park Hae Jin’s role at the moment and no one can give me the answer unless I watch the drama. Oh oh does he help solving the cases by sitting in a cell? I would hate to see Park Hae Jin locks up in a cell for 20 episodes or so! o_O

Bad Guys will air on October 4.


Source: Korean Star Daily