Lee Jin Wook Looking Almighty in The Three Musketeers Teaser


After swooning over the dashing Jung Yong Hwa as hero Park Dal Hyang last night, I am now abusing the replay button for Crown Prince Lee Jin Wook in the short teaser from The Three Musketeer. ❤ Both teasers look so good! Lee Jin Wook looks amaaazing! The costume, the lighting to the colours, and the visual. Charismatic characters stills have been released for both characters too.

One word to describe this all: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

The Three Musketeers is scheduled to air on a Sunday night, August 17.

Teaser – Crown Prince Sohyeon

Now what is left is the show to be just as good as what I am seeing in the teasers and stills. *Fingers crossed* 🙂 Let’s abuse the button more by watching the 2 in 1 teaser! XD

Teasers (2 in 1)

Crown Prince Sohyeon’s Character Stills


Source: tvN | WILL Entertainment