Adorable Chef Couple Jasper Liu & Puff Guo on SPOP 華流

Omo omo omo! How cute (and a bit sexy) are these photos of Jasper Liu and Puff Guo, taken for July edition of Chinese magazine SPOP 華流 (Hua Liu)? These two are currently working together in a Friday night drama named Love Myself, or You? (also known as Pleasantly Surprised).

The couple’s chemistry is pretty natural and visually, they match well; it makes it really easy to like them as an OTP. And then of course, we are also lucky to score two well written characters (well, so far). Hence, I really like what I see in this photoshoot, which is filled with cuteness and oozes a bit of sensuality between the two. It’s a much straight forward photoshoot as compared to June’s edition, featuring Aaron Yan and Tia Li on the cover (Link 1 and 2), as I find theirs were really creative, new and artistic.

The drama has aired up to episode 7, and I really like this week’s episode because more back-story of Ah Jie has been revealed. I was wrong to assume that Ah Jie grew up all happy and with love in the family. And the most I like about this episode is that I didn’t really expect Ah Jie’s cover getting blown so soon; I had thought being a Taiwanese drama that is, the show will drag it out a bit longer. Thus, I was surprised.

I like how the little secret gets revealed without needing Ah Jie to make up lies. The worse that he did was never told Kai Qi who he really is due to his need of being under-cover as an intern in the restaurant. I also love how Kai Qi guesses and connects the dots herself (my heroine has brain, awesome!), and I like she cares about him enough to go rescue him. ❤ Awesome episode, really.

I can’t say I like what I see in the next episode’s preview, where Kai Qi will purposely being cold and sarcastic to Ah Jie. I just hope she’s just a little hurt by him not coming clean with her, so she tries to stab* stab* him a little. But I really don’t want the cold shoulder drags on for one whole episode though. I will have my fingers and toes crossed that it won’t because the show is going strong with the script, so don’t screw it up, show!

There are other stories the show needs to cover before uri OTP can be together e.g. the misunderstanding between Kai Qi and Le Xuan’s brother, so the less dragging out the better on trivial matters. Once the misunderstanding clears, we will most likely get a full on entanglement of love triangles storyline going (Ugh).

Ah Jie ❤ Kai Qi ➡ Kai QiLe Xuan’s brother || Le Xuan ❤ Ah JieJerk Chef ❤ Le Xuan 

I can see that Le Xuan is slowly falling for Ah Jie, but I also see the show hinting of matching Le Xuan with the executive chef a.ka. the jerk who screwed with Kai Qi’s dish. I’m sure eventually each character will find their own place and partners, but I don’t look forward to the process of getting there. I can see myself having a chance to like the second lead actress’s character for the first time, so I am really hoping the show will not make her bitchy again.

[NEW] Exclusive: Photoshoot Making

Waaaahhh~~ I love this behind the scene making! It’s filled with fun laughter, mucking and joking around! The best part is watching everyone tease Jasper. I did not know Jasper is this shy, hahaha! So cute! From their conversation, it seems like it has been a while since he has photoshoot with a female partner. It also doesn’t sound like his past photoshoot with female(s) are the intimate kind, so being this intimate with Puff is his first. He’s totally embarrassed and shy about the whole skinship, while Puff is completely at ease – teasing him, hitting him, touching his bum, unbuttoning his shirt and touch his chest. LOLLLL! I love the huge contrast between them. XD

Puff is like acting like a sunbae to dongsaeng, guiding him along the way and coming up with ideas on how they should pose to achieve great effects. So in the end, Jasper gets into the mood and the two of them deliver a series of fantastic photos. I can see so many good photos just from watching the making. Now I just need to get my hands on those digital scans from the magazine.

Source: SETTV | Facebook | Weibo