Witch’s Lover Park Seo Joon in HIGH CUT


If you have seen Witch’s Romance, you would understand what’s so alluring about this 25 years old boy/man named Park Seo Joon. He plays Um Jung Hwa’s love interest in the drama, and successfully win many girls’ hearts in the process. Or should I say Noona’s hearts?

Some people may have already discovered him since Dream High 2, Family, I Summon You, Gold, Drama Festival or One Warm Word, but If you haven’t, then it’s never too late to check this sweet boy out in his latest drama. The drama isn’t fantastic (to me), but he’s definitely one of the gems in the show. 😀

However, this boy has completely transform into a mature man with yummy-li-cious abs in July issue of High Cut. Oh la la~ let’s all take a look at that fine abs, shall we?

Okay, I’m sorry… that’s the best I’ve got so far. You’ll probably see more if you buy the magazine, and I am sure that is the whole point of this teaser picture. HA!


Source: High Cut


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