Coke, Water or Kim Soo Hyun?

It’s raining Kim Soo Hyun again! ❤ This boy is unstoppable after the success of My Love From The Stars. He is literally every where we turn; endorsing every thing I can think of. From the basic human needs such as water, beverages, clothings to the latest gadgets like mobile phone and tablet.

So what are the new endorsement this boy has taken on recently?


Let’s start with the most recent controversial endorsement with Evergrande Spring Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water. This should have been a happy thing for the Stars fans since it’s a duel endorsement with Jeon Ji Hyun, but what happened later cast a dark cloud on both artists’ careers as it wreaked havoc for days.

Vaguely, what I have learnt was that when Jeon Ji Hyun first announced this, there was not a single dude think otherwise until the news broke out that Kim Soo Hyun, too, will endorse the same product. The criticisms became serious when the artists’ political standing were questioned – just because of the name of mountain that stretches along the border of the Chinese and North Korean land. The Koreans call it Baektu whereas the Chinese call it Changbai.

Seriously, there are way too many trolls in the world who simply live to destroy world peace, where their one and only purpose in life is chaos. I would have never thought this would escalate to such serious issue leading to both agencies considering breaking the contract deal and paying for the penalty fees – all for a difference in how two races call the same mountain. Unbelievable. I won’t bother to try to understand this from a politcal stand point because (1) I don’t think I will ever understand (2) I think all celebrities and artists should remain politically neutral; their job is to entertain and act, not playing politics or become political puppets of any countries.


Unfortunately for the Stars fans, there is nothing to be happy about with double Hyun’s endorsement, because again, they aren’t going to appear in the CF together. They’ve filmed the CFs separately, and as you can see – we only get hot Soo Hyun looking extremely gorgeous in blue and white from the CF. No complaints about that… I ❤ the combo of blue and white, and his whole outlook is gorgeous anyway.

But, how freaking annoying is that? Okay it’s sadder for shippers, what a tough life they are living. But even though I’m not shipping them in real life, I still really enjoy watching them working together so I, too, would love to see them together again on-screen. But the evil companies seem to know, they will still earn tremendous amount of profit regardless, by splitting them up in different CFs.

COCA COLA for a Hot Summer (2 in 1)

COCA COLA for a Hot Summer (60s)


Omona I love this CF!!! While the mineral water CF goes with the cooling theme with him in comfortable colours like blue and white; Coca Cola is the complete opposite. Sunny and vibrant with him wearing peach and white colour, sweating and quenching his thirst from a bottle of icy Coca Cola. Oh yeah~ I ❤ Coca Cola! Mind you, it isn’t because he’s endorsing it; imma have been a Coca Cola addict for years.

PETIZEL SWEET PUDDING (15s and 30s) Making

Gaaaahhhhhh~ that’s illegal Kim Soo Hyun. He is literally seducing the viewers to kiss the television’s screen. Those who subconsiously lean towards the TV screen when you saw him leaning closer as if he’s going to kiss that girl, raise your hands!

“Does the kiss have the taste of pudding or the pudding has the taste of a kiss” is what he said in the CF, but I say let’s kiss before we have the pudding, and kiss again after having the pudding to find out. Hehehe. 😀


LOL! 4Dness in action again. xD


Chung Ho CF is a surprise because it was done and dusted in secrecy until the day the promo photo is released. I really like the simplicity of the CF and its straight-forwardness in conveying the product and selling it by making full use of Soo Hyun’s charm. It was lovely of them to release a BTS/making film as fan service too, so that those who misses him get to watch the man’s 4D silliness in action again.


When it was first announced that Soo Hyun is endorsing SEMIR, I thought SEMIR has dropped Lee Min Ho. But turned out it was a double endorsement, where Soo Hyun endorses a sub-brand of SEMIR. I can’t say I am extremely pleased with how SEMIR advertises the two big stars on their websites. They are literally using the same technique I hated most i.e. having their fans compete with one another by spending $$ on the clothings their biases endorsed, and igniting cyber fan wars. All the while, the SEMIR big shots watch from the sideline; swim and drown themselves in mountain of cash.

I don’t like the fan wars that resulted from it, but I have to admit this idea is ingenius! It’s an intelligent business strategy and of course, evil as well. If only those fans involved in fan wars are half as smart as these businessman. Sigh.

BEYOND (30s)

I only have one word: LOVE! Kim Soo Hyun looks fantastic in this CF. Love the hair, the face, the eyes, love the colour theme of the CF, and I even love the fake animals. End of story, lol! XD

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S (Taiwan and Hong Kong)

Personally, I like the Taiwanese version over Hong Kong’s due to obvious reason like I see more of him in the CF. The tablet looks alluring, but to me, it’s the overall functions and UI of the gadgets that I am more concerned with than who is endorsing it. Yes, it looks especially attracting that Soo Hyun is the endorser but practically, if that’s not the gadget I am looking for, there is no way in hell I would get it. Mind over matter, and in this case, it’s mind and money worth-while over Kim Soo Hyun. 😛

I would try out the food/beverage ranges he has endorsed, but it ends at food and drinks. I am still waiting for CFs from Häagen Dazs (if there is going to be one), Aokang, Hyundai ix25 and DOVE Chocolate.

DOVE Chocolate CF is set to release in another 28-29 days, but I can’t say I am eager to see it because of the person he filmed it with, and the ridiculous incident that revolved around them. In summary, out of no where there was a dating rumour about the two a while back; just few days before they were scheduled to film the CF. The Chinese media made a huge fuss about the fake rumour: how there was zero interaction between them on the set, in pretense, so to avoid getting caught etc. The ridiculous rumour escalated to the point that the girl’s agency came out to explain they didn’t interact because of language barrier, she doesn’t know who Soo Hyun is, and hadn’t seen My Love From The Stars. *cough* LIES *cough* But only to slap themselves in the face, because she has posted about the drama on her Weibo while it was airing. Pffft~ what a circus show.


Oops! My apologies that I went overboard on a rant at the end. I think in general, I am just annoyed at how much crap can arise from endorsing a simple CF. It’s just a job at the end of the day, but then there are evilness lurking around and tries to make nothingness into something to garner attention for themselves (even if it is negative attention), or for self-satisfaction.

Life would have been so much more lovely and peaceful if we can just simply enjoy and drool over the beauty presented before our eyes (e.g. Kim Soo Hyun for this post) and the food/drinks/gadgets CFs he endorse. See how attractive he is in The Face Shop picture above, even that James Dean style hair. The man is in Shanghai right now, meeting fans with his new short haircut as I type this post! *Jealous*


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