[J-Movie] Rurouni Kenshin II Releases Character Posters & TVCM

Warner Bros Japan releases official individual character posters for Rurouni Kenshin II: Kyoto Inferno in less than a month to go till it premieres, well, in Japan that is. Can’t say I am in love with the posters; it definitely could have been done better, but when it comes to this movie, I rather they give me a good quality movie than to fuss about the poster artworks and its quality.

There is also a TVCM that gives us a little more from what the previous trailer didn’t show, and then there’s some more promotional stills in HD, now can’t not share HD pictures, can I? 🙂

TVCM Teaser

Now did I ever say the effect looks great? Well, it is from the looks of the TVCM. I love the part where Satoh Takeru (Kenshin) fought with Kamiki Ryunosuke, and Kamiki broke his sword. AWESOMEEE… I endeavour to enjoy the sword fight scenes like I did with the prequel. Oh, don’t forget to pay attention to a short preview of the new theme song sung by One Ok Rock in the TVCM. It doesn’t sound as good as the prequel’s, but I shall not judge until I listen to it fully.




source: Official FB


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