Fated to Love You Releases 2 More Interesting Teasers


MBC new drama Fated to Love You releases two new teaser trailers, outlining clearer to us how the drama story will start out, and also introduce the four major characters starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won. From the trailers, it does look like the start of the story will be 90% similar to the original; I do like what I see in terms of visual, and how all four of them fit into their individual characters.

The official posters are also out, although I have to say I am unsure what the concept of it supposed to represent for two of the posters (e.g. above) – why is Nara hanging off in the air? A gift from heaven to Jang Hyuk?

Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Jang Nara fits her character to a Tee. Apart from that, I think it’s just her overall babyface look make her look so young and innocent, which is exactly what the character is. Does she look 33 years old to you all? And wait a minute, her profile says she is 160cm tall; there is no way she is 160cm, she is so petite looking! :O


I have this urge of wanting to grab a scissor and cut off Jang Hyuk‘s flock after watching the teaser! I hope he will cut his hair a little shorter at a later stage in the show, because it’s really unappealing. I am happy with everybody’s character looks except his. I get that his hair is done in a way to give his character that comedic effect, but then it somehow makes him less attractive since he has to look dodgily funny, if anyone knows what I am talking about.

Wang Ji Won looks so stunning as the ballerina in the trailer, and I see she has hair extension to make her look more feminine and classical, so I suppose her short hair indicated a time skip.


DJ “Daniel” Choi Jin Hyuk looks simply awesome, is he not? There are a few more stills from the official website, but I chose these two to share because they were the best out of the lot. My personal favourite will have to be the first one, side view. It oozes sexiness all over the place. šŸ˜€



Now this is another poster which I am simply puzzled with its concept. A maid climbing up the balcony to a butler/prince? Eh?! What does it mean? *Confused* The posters are definitely not great, and it lacks creativity. It looks to me like some lazy bum couldn’t care less, and just smacked a few moon and stars on the it – end of story. Whoever approved the artwork & published is also… *shaking my head* I am lost at words.

I just hope the quality of the drama is/will definitely be better than the posters. *Sigh one more time looking at the posters*

Fated to Love You premieres July 2 on Wed-Thursday.

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3 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Releases 2 More Interesting Teasers

  1. Hi, Jang Hyuk’s hair is like this because he was already filming a historical movie (which he is still filming at the moment) which requires to have his hair at least this long. It wasn’t done for comedic effect but more, it was the best they could do, take advantage of it and make it quirky, funny. He doesn’t look unattractive to me now (I got used to it) all of this is a matter of personal taste. I know a lot of people are complaining about his hair but some people like it too. Also, I personally, don’t want him to “fit” the role of the original. I would love for Jang Hyuk to create a completely different character so people can stop thinking and comparing with the original (at least to some extent) and enjoy this one as a separate show. Jang Hyuk is physically very different from Ethan Ruan, and I also feel their acting styles is different (although I can’t say much about Ethan Ruan since I’ve only seen clips) so really, instead of expecting similarities, the expectation should be that they will be very different. I agree that the concept of the posters is strange. In the case of the maid going up the balcony, it might be a reference to Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s previous drama where she was a maid who came to her prince’s rescue. As you probably have heard that drama had above 40% ratings when it aired, and many fans are going to tune in to watch their reunion, so this might be directed at the Jjangs fans. We all are going to watch for different reasons but I guess we all share the hope that it will be a fun drama šŸ™‚


  2. It’s pretty cool how they made the maid poster. It’s actually a backdrop on the ground and they were laying down on it. I know not everyone is crazy about it, but it’s pretty creative.


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