Fated to Love You Releases First Teaser of Jang Hyuk Serenading Jang Nara

Looks like MBC has got everything ready to launch its upcoming romance comedy drama, Fated to Love You, starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Wang Ji Won with A New Leaf coming to an end in one week’s time.

I am extremely sad to let Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong go; they both have strong on-screen presence, and they carry their roles so well in the drama. I just love watching them act, but nothing good last forever, and it is always good to end a good drama when appropriate.

Gibberish talk aside, MBC has released the first drama teaser of the two Jangs – Jang Hyuk and Nara. The teaser doesn’t give away anything about the drama itself – it is just a simple, sweet and short clip of them both fluffing around, immersing in the moment of love at a flower garden, or park. It looks a lot more like an opening theme for the drama. Other than the teaser, we also have more BTS pictures of the casts, mainly Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk from the set.



Jang Nara is so cute, it’ll be easy to like her. Here’s to hope the show will not make her character completely useless, or extremely weak. I don’t want to see another heroine that frowns her way through to the end of the drama…


Next up, we have Designer / DJ Cool Choi Jin Hyuk

Oh! He’s checking his acting through the video cam. Did he caught this habit from his on-screen brother Kim Tan Lee Min Ho? I’m seeing more and more actors checking their performance through a video camera these days. I think it’s actually a really good way for improvement.


Source: Official Website