Lee Seung Gi Engages Cha Seung Won in the Fusion Dance


HAHAHAHAHA! Can this two be less adorably geeky and childish all at the same time? XD

These are BTS pictures of Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi from the set of You’re All Surrounded, and I absolutely adore these pictures! So darn cute! The pictures show these two boys men with a 17 years age gap engaged in making cool poses, and most importantly, the Dragon Ball’s Fusion Dance. LOLLLLL oh my god, my tummy, it’s going to explode. XD XD XD


Laughing aside, I am so relief to see Lee Seung Gi’s speedy recovery from last week’s eye injury. I had always thought any injury to the eyes are an extremely frightening experience, and this is speaking from someone who has poked her own eye by accident in the past. ^^’


This week’s episode 11 is probably the best episode I have seen from the show, as it veers its story arc towards dealing with Dae Gu’s demon, and his past.

You’re All Surrounded hasn’t been quite the ‘it’ drama for me, although I do enjoy watching the show as a source of entertainment. However, if we were to look deeper into the story-writing, then I don’t think there is anything to brag about. I find the story-telling weak, scattered, and so far contain very little character development. It would have been more exciting if the writer can introduce some interesting case every other episodes, as the criminal catching part has come off pretty random recently. But I find myself loving the 4 rookies more and more, and have finally warmed up to Pan Seok (well, who will like a boss that constantly belittling his subordinates at the beginning, right?), so I keep watching. 🙂


It is also obvious that Dae Gu likes Soo Sun, but this budding loveline is developing so slow at the moment, and is put on brake, since our heroes are dealing with much more pressing matter. I do wonder if it is a little too early to unravel the unsolved mystery from 11 years ago with 7-8 episodes left. If this mystery gets solved next week, what will or can the writer give us that will be more compelling than this mystery?


Source: SINA