Casts of Joseon Gunman Hold Press Con with 7 Mins Introductory Preview


With 6 more days till Joseon Gunman airs its first episode, KBS has held a press conference to promote the drama with the main casts  Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Han Joo Wan and Jeon Hye Bin. Isn’t it adorably cute (and a little silly) that they were made to pose, and pretend holding a gun? Hahaha! 😀 A seven minutes long introductory preview was also released.


Casts are all smiles and happy during the press conference with Nam Sang Mi looking like a school girl, while Jeon Hye Bin is sexy in that tight fitting one-piece white dress.

Though, I… can’t say the same for the boys. Han Joo Wan’s attire is in no way will make one goes, “that’s nice!” and the same goes to Lee Jun Ki’s, but at least he still looks good in blue and white. I think he dresses a little too casual for the occasion, a formal shirt would have made the gunman look more sophisticated.

I am going to blame his tee shirt choice on the weather, and guessing it must have been pretty hot in the venue; Lee Jun Ki’s perspiration seems to be reflecting the camera’s flash lights.


Awww… her Oppa fixing the tag on the mic while she talks. ❤

7 Minutes Introductory Preview

I can’t help, but spoiler myself with this extended preview. I like what I see in terms of the cinematography i.e. camera work and colour tone. It also looks like a high-cost production, so I am glad that it will be a visually satisfying drama. Let’s just hope the story-writing is just as good.

However, I feel (from the preview) that the show will focus quite a lot on being melodramatic, which is a bummer for me, but pretty sure the others would not mind, and the ahjumma in Korea will probably love it to death…

Joseon Gunman airs June 25, on KBS2.

Source: TV Daily