Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi on A Sageuk Date in Joseon Gunman



Give me this, NOW!

Whoever the photographer is, all I can say is: s/he has successfully lured and captured my utmost attention with these visually beautiful stills (and let’s not forget the posters) from KBS2 upcoming drama – Joseon Gunman. The latest released promotional stills show Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi on what seems like a date or two; fascinated with the globe and exploring the flower garden.

As this marks the second time both of them are working together, I can’t help but have high expectation on them being natural when interacting with one another on-screen. After years of drama watching, I think it is not easy at all to produce absolute matching TV couples; these kind of perfect couple is rare.

… or it could be just me, who has a strict taste. Ahem. But judging from these stills, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi is potentially a strong contender as the next Perfect couple. Though we also have to watch out for Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara in Fated to Love You. I definitely like what I’m seeing from the stills, and I love the sageuk costume as well. The colour combination of their hanbok are matching and easy on the eyes; I am glad the costume designer’s taste is on the same par with mine, and ruling out those shiny, bright or fluorescent colours.


Lee Jun Ki mentioned he doesn’t need to spend extra time getting to know his partner (in acting), since they have worked together 7 years ago, so he could jump straight into shooting in a relaxed state of mind. They cooperated really well due to strong mutual understanding of one another, and they prepared for the filming together. He felt as if he is in an amusement park rather than at work, and that he carries a light-hearted mood, happily filming.

Sounds promising to me! 🙂


Nam Sang Mi expressed that she and Lee Jun Ki are like siblings. Jun Ki Oppa treats her really well, and takes really good care of her at the set. She also mentioned this private feeling with co-star Lee Jun Ki has come in handy when they needed to act as Park Yoon Kang and Jung Soo In.

Nam Sang Mi mentioned that at the beginning, we will see both characters engage in some sweet bickering (Yes, please!); slowly fall in love with each other, and it will remind us of our own first love experience. However, the next that she mentioned had me cringing i.e. the tonal of the story later will turn sad and moving, and will make one burst into tears (eek!).

Well, can’t say I like what I have just read, but I am just going to hope the mellow part would not be over the top unbearable, because I really want to watch a good and well-balanced drama! 7 more days to go…

Joseon Gunman will air on June 25 on KBS2.


A cute picture of the Joseon Gunman couple cheering up the Korean soccer team for World Cup.

Source: KoreanStarDaily


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