[Drama News] Jang Hyuk & Wang Ji Won’s Blissful Date in Fated to Love You


With the premiering of the upcoming romance comedy drama Fated to Love You drawing near, MBC continues to release teaser stills of the leads, reminding us to glue ourselves to the TV when it airs on July 2. Today, we get lovey dovey stills of Jang Hyuk and Wang Ji Won at a park, where we see Jang Hyuk blissfully rest his head on Wang Ji Won’s lap.

Awww… they look sweet together, peaceful and immersed in happiness!


Hahaha ~ did Jang Hyuk really fall asleep on her lap, or this shot is part of a scene? 🙂 How cute! ❤ Dang it, with them looking this good together (even if it is only on pictures) will only mean – we, the viewers, are going to have some tough time when watching this drama. Unless her character goes all bitchy and sleazy afterwards, like it did in the original, then I will have no pity for her. For now, I’ll say they look convincing as a couple deep in love.

Now MBC, when will you shower us some Choi Jin Hyuk?

On another note, I had thought Choi Jin Hyuk did not attend the script reading awhile back, as there was no pictures of him being reported. But turns out the man was there, so I am attaching additional script reading pictures of the casts, as well as some behind the scenes shooting spotted by Choi Jin Hyuk’s fans.


I see a couple of familiar faces among the crowd, particularly Jung Eun Pyo (The Moon that Embraces the Sun, God’s Gift-14 Days) – Ooh I wonder what character he will play, and Park Hee Von (The Master’s Sun), who plays Jang Na Ra’s friend, and the person absent is Choi Woo Shik. Any sharp eyes see him in the pictures? I also noticed a silver ring on Choi Jin Hyuk‘s left, fourth finger Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 46 It’s probably just for fashion, but can’t deny that it brings immediate attention to one’s eyes, ahem. Just saying ~


Choi Jin Hyuk is spotted some time in May, filming at a church in that frizzy red hair (sigh). This tells me the show is following the original’s plotline, where he goes visit the orphans, and Jang Nara will mistake him as a father; she then confesses her one night stand that leads to her pregnancy. Heh! Image by 나콩쥐 (via Baidu)

The rest of these pictures are from June 11, where we see Choi Jin Hyuk takes Jang Hyuk’s grandmother around the art gallery. This scene also poses as a clue that the show is following the original storyline – that Jang Hyuk’s grandmother is Choi Jin Hyuk’s regular customer in collecting antiques and other artwork. Images by kocef (via Baidu)

Source: OSEN | Cupitter


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