[Drama News] tvN Kicks Start King of High School Life Conduct with 7mins Preview & Press Con


As tvN’s Witch Romance reaches to an end on Tuesday night, a press conference for the next romance comedy drama King of High School Life Conduct is held the next day at Gangnam, Seoul. Main casts Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, Lee So Hyuk and Lee Yul Eum are the attendees for the press con.

7 Minutes Long Preview Trailer

The press con usually comes with a long version of introductory preview and I am liking what I am seeing! 🙂 As previously mentioned, Lee Min Seok (Seo In Guk) somehow got himself entangled into the adult world by having to pretend to be his brother in a big company. Well they must look identical for him to pull this off. He then lives a double life – as seen in preview as he often runs around switching between two identities, skipping classes and even his most important ice hockey competition. Min Seok’s buddies eventually finds out his secret, and he bribes them to keep quiet and help him, heh! Teenagers. However, that brother of his had better has a very good explanation for putting his 18-years old brother through this ordeal!

This is a story about a series of funny adventures that happens to a high schooler who enters the adult world. From the preview, Lee Min Seok has already encountered Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na) when he’s in his original identity, and he meets her again as one of the employees in the company. She comes across as someone who isn’t strikingly smart, and is somewhat a klutz, but he still gets attracted to her. Unfortunately she admires the icy prince from another department Yoo Jin Woo (Lee Soo Hyuk). As indicated from the newly released poster above, the 3 of them will kick-start a triangle love (I thought it was going to be the two sisters and Seo In Guk?) although we can barely tell if Yoo Jin Woo has any interest in Soo Young with his frozen cold exterior. I cannot help but be curious if Lee Soo Hyuk is genuinely this cool too in real life?

King of High School Life Conduct airs next Monday, June 16.


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