[Drama News] Joseon Gunman 1st Teaser Preview Release!

KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40042

With 18 more days to go before its premiere date, KBS has kindly released an extremely vague and short teaser of Joseon Gunman to tease the viewers. But hey, I doubt the anticipated drama fans would mind because finally, we get a 24 seconds glimpse of the male lead – Lee Jun Ki!

… although I would complain that I can barely see his face, or his Joseon gunman style in the dark, but thankfully, with the reflection of the silvery sword from his opponent – we see a face! Yeah yeah, I’m being sarcastic with KBS’s stinginess. Anyway, here’s his ‘face’…

Oh wait sorry, first we only get a blurry face…
KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40009KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40024

Ahhhh there we are… I present you the ‘face’. HAHAHA! 😀 Sorry, I just had to make fun of how little we can see of him from the teaser 😛
KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40027KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40029

As I have mentioned, the teaser is really short and all we get is Lee Jun Ki in a tough battle against his enemy. Both of them are dressed in black and the opponent’s face is not revealed at all. Lee Jun Ki tries to fight the man off with his gun, while the man fights with a sword. I’m… just going to be dumb and ask this: I thought a really good sword can be so sharp that it can cut through a shotgun? At least that’s what I learnt about katana from movies.

KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40032KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40037KBS 특별기획드라마 [조선 총잡이] 티저 공개_.mp40039

Looks like Jun Ki will win this battle from the last screencap if he can get a clear shot quick enough of his opponent in the air, else it will be his own head on the ground, and we all know that won’t happen since he is the male lead. 😀