[Drama News] More Stills from Fated to Love You


Waaaahhhhh fresh and high quality promotional stills of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara together from the set of MBC upcoming drama Fated to Love You! So, how do they look together? 🙂

I think they look awesome together! ❤ 😀


Jang Nara is rocking the Post-It girl looks although I’m still a little taken aback with Jang Hyuk’s choices of bright dark blue colour suit and curly fringe but somehow the both of them and their clothings make that one scene looks lively and colourful (like Pleasantville). 😉


The original Taiwanese drama was released back in 2008, aigoo, that’s 6 long years ago and I can barely remember the details now. I wonder if this is a scene whereby Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) has officially live inside the Lee mansion after being impregnanted by Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) and she is taking care of Nam Se Ra’s (Wang Ji Won) pet dog.


Anyway, I hope the writer won’t be following the original too closely because nowadays there is clearly a trend in the type of female or male leads that audiences like and if the writer keeps it close to the original, it may not work very well to current viewers’ taste. The original storyline was a hit back then but by current drama standard, it’s mediocre and close to makjang (for the melo part) and oh, it was draggy too since it’s Taiwanese drama.


Thus I hope with a little magical touch from the K-drama writer, this drama will retain the good elements and pluck out the bad ones from the original. Now c’mon ~ I want to see Choi Jin Hyuk‘s stills! Where is it?


Oh woah I like what I am seeing from this BTS shot of Wang Ji Won pulling some ballet poses. She’s nailing the ballet part of it and looks so much more convincing than actress Bianca Bai from the original. All that is left is I wish that the writer will not make Nam Se Ra into a hateful conniving bitch because I never liked Bianca Bai’s rendition 😡


Source: Sina News


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  1. I hope his hair style is not going to be like this for the whole drama, I’m not feeling it with the long wavy fringe.


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