First Impression: Love Myself or You?


Love Myself or You? (also known as Pleasantly Surprised) is the new Taiwanese drama that takes over the Friday time slot of In A Good Way starring Puff Guo and Jasper Liu. It has aired 2 episodes and so far, I like almost everything about the show – from character set up to the storyline, and I especially love a drama about food! Yummmmmm~ French cuisine ❤

The two main leads are no strangers to me or viewers as they are the current, new generation of young actors after Ariel Lin, Joe Chang, Mike He and so on. Jasper Liu left a lasting impression on me when he was in In Time With You and Puff Guo has been in a couple of dramas I have seen a while back. Personally, I love her character here so much better than having watch her act cute in Just You so definitely this drama is looking so much more promising already.


Du Kai Qi (Puff Guo) likes to be alone because she thinks she will be happier that way (most probably stemmed from watching the failed relationships of her parents and older sister). She works at a French restaurant named Figaro Cuisine owned by the man whom her mother used to work for, as a nanny babysitting Louis or Fu Zi Jie (Jasper Liu). It was clear in episode 1 that Kai Qi and her mother have had a difficult life, all that she wants is become a Sous Chef in Figaro Cusine and earns more money to let her mother live a comfortable life. Louis on the other hand, has a much easier life, and grew up in a family with love and eating luxury food. I’m super jealous!

Louis’s parents want him to take over and manage Figaro Cuisine, but he declines because all that he wants is to be a chef and cook. However, his parents manage to get a nod from him to help out at Figaro by going undercover as an intern. The day he arrives at Figaro, it triggers his happiest memory and that was having a delicious meal with his dad, young Kai Qi and her mum.

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That very same day is also the day where Kai Qi is going up against her rival Cheng Le Xuan (Lene Lai) to compete for the role of Sous Chef in Figaro. Louis gets tangled into the competition as the judge, while the Executive Chef Ji Shao Xiang (Sean Lee) sabotages Kai Qi’s dish and causing her to lose – reason being Kai Qi rejected his marriage proposal.


Devastated, Kai Qi down a lot of beer that night and Louis realises she is the little Kai Qi he used to hang out with, so he follows her to the hawker restaurant. Drunk and unable to go home by herself, Louis piggy-back her home and finds out they live not only in the same apartment building (Yay to the neighbours’ storyline!) but also on the same floor. Pffftttt ~ why haven’t I been that lucky?

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Episode 1 nicely rounds up and summarises each character’s background, while Episode 2 officially marks the beginning of the main leads’ love story. As the story progesses, we should see Louis slowly tears down Kai Qi’s cold front and helps her realise she does not need to act like a porcupine all the time. It’s also interesting to see how she and Le Xuan will work together in the kitchen, especially at the moment, Kai Qi has proven to be way more appropriate being the Sous Chef than Le Xuan.


The show started out really well with one little hiccup, but everything is pretty good so far. 🙂 My only concern is like I have mentioned before in the Rock N’ Road post – the common disease all Taiwanese dramas have i.e. dragging out the story. Apart from that, the only thing I wanted to pick on is the person behind the music directing. I get that the restaurant is named Figaro Cuisine, but the music director really don’t need to use the classical music ‘Marriage of Figaro’ to make a point, or a link. I don’t know how others felt but to me, it almost ruined the beginning scene in episode 1 where Kai Qi was on a food tasting experience. She was seen slowly enjoying her food, describing how delicious the food was, while Louis enjoys his cooking in the kitchen. But then we get a fast paced Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro (at 1:40) playing in the background and loud too – the combination of the visual and sound feels out of sync, and it makes me feel like visually, Kai Qi should be eating in a rush to keep up with the music’s tempo 😦

The rest of the staffs in Figaro Cuisine

Fingers crossed that the story doesn’t stray, or drag on; the quality remains good and that the drama continues to revolve around making yummy good food. It would suck big time if the backbone of this story started off about chefs and French cuisine only in the end steer away from good food and cooking, isn’t it? And this is it about the drama for the time being as:

1) Acting – Good
2) Main couple lead chemistry – Fantastic
3) Eye Candies – Good
4) Storyline – So far so good
5) Keep watching? – Yeaps!

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2 thoughts on “First Impression: Love Myself or You?

  1. I do like this drama so far. I do not mind it taking its time out of the gate. I also agree on the music score-needs major major work. There is a bit of gender role subversion with the leads and I really enjoy that. I like that the female lead character is not a dummy, and started out quite modern and independent. Not sure that is going to last. I like that the male lead is the nurturer so far, nice change up in gender roles. Go Taiwan. The second lead female character, wow, they are really allowing her to be sympathetic. I’m hoping that does not mean she will go off the chart starkers with no logical explanation later lol. We are only 2 episodes in, so early days yet.


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