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While looking for more possible good Taiwanese drama, I came across Rock N’ Road (A咖的路). It is a Taiwanese drama started airing on Mar 16 starring Chris Wu Kan Ren, Kimi Hsiao Yu Qiao, Mike Lee and Nita Lei. I decided to check it out upon reading a news article reporting how this drama is starting to become widely popular in Taiwan. I feel really good about the storyline and the actors/actresses that were cast for this drama, although the show is suffering (for me anyway) a little slump in captivating me because like any other Taiwanese dramas throughout history, they tend to drag things on. But with last Sunday’s episode, I think the story has started to move onto the next chapter.


The story is about Lin Wei Zhen (Kimi Hsiao) whose dream is to become a singer. When young, she used to be a child singer but her popularity started going downhill and ended in 2005. However, she never gives up trying out singing audition and pursues her dream. She comes across as optimistic, persistence and possesses a good heart.


During her audition, she mistaken Zhou Shu Yu (Chris Wu) as one of the contestant and her non-stop blabbering left Shu Yu a strong impression. Shu Yu is the renowned music producer who is stubborn, bad temper and extremely difficult to handle type of person. But everyone endures him because he is good with what he does.


Yang Jia Xing (Nita Lei) is a famous singer and working partner of Shu Yu. Along with Li Ta (Mike Lee), they are friends for a long time and were band mates. Now all 3 of them work together to make music. Jia Xing and Shu Yu are also a couple but they keep their relationship in secret.


Jia Xing became anxious with her music career and wanted to make some change in her career path by composing and writing her own lyrics. She announces to the press that she will release a song she has composed, however the song she composed wasn’t acceptable in a music perfectionist like Shu Yu and Jia Xing was too anxious to succeed that she stole Wei Zhen’s song when she heard her play.


Eventually Shu Yu found out and was furious with both Li Ta and Jia Xing. Initially he wanted to come clean with the press that the song was stolen however, he couldn’t do it because when he was in trouble, Jia Xing supported him in the past and it was now her turn that needed his support. Eventually, he and Wei Zhen reached an agreement to allow Jia Xing published the song as hers. Due to this incident, like a broken china that still has cracked even after glueing it back together, Shu Yu is disappointed with both Li Ta and Jia Xing and that this is where their ideals on music started to differ….


I actually compose this post a while back but never got around to finish it because I became unsure of the quality of the story when my viewing reach the overly drag-on episodes. It’s a common disease in all Taiwanese dramas and it can become frustrating when the storyline moves at snail pace; especially we only get one episode per week. This show does have its alluring selling point if the writer don’t stray too much away from it and hopefully after Shu Yu and Wei Zhen climbed over their first obstacle in Episode 11, the focus of the real story can continue. Okay, they HAVE to because it’s really getting on my nerve now.


It’s a little disappointing for me at the moment in the sense that a drama about a bunch of people who loves/play/sing music – I am not actually seeing these people make music and singing it. Yes there is one or two songs they sang but may I say not enough for a show that is all about a girl trying to achieve her singing dream all her life? I want to see Shu Yu start composing good music for Wei Zhen – do what he does best – compose and it’s time Wei Zhen stops prancing around and starts to be more like a real singer.

The show’s drag had annoyed me a lot purely because I have no idea how many more episodes are left to air thus I have no way to know when I’ll get to the end of the road, LOL! Don’t get me wrong, this show is not bad watch although it’s not very good at the moment because I can see (1) it could have been better (2) they could’ve cut down a lot of unnecessary parts. It’s definitely not a must watch drama and it’s just doesn’t run well with me after I’ve adapted to the quickness of story-telling from J-drama and K-drama where I know when I’ll see the end of that tunnel for my shows. My recommendation is either wait till the show has aired half of its episode e.g. episode 15 and pick up OR wait till it finishes which could be some time July – August. See why I’m frustrated now? *Laugh*

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2 thoughts on “First Impression: Rock N’ Road

  1. I am watching this also. I too felt it has a bit of a drag and would like to see the passion about music. The two lead actors can certainly pull that off. The female lead is another dumb as a box of rocks heroine, and that is the real downer for this show. Her Mom is a great character, and I’ve always liked the lead male actor Chris Wu. i however have been expecting a brain tumor or some other tired trope for the genius song writer. I decided to watch this drama for the energy from the first two episode despite the dumb girl character, but I decided to approach with caution and from the side o see if it plays out so not to invest any emotions lol.


  2. I dropped it because I felt boring when wathcing it. The story didn’t really maked progress and the characters were annoying. But I love the opening and ending songs. ^^


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