[Drama News] Stills of Shing Sung Rok, Ji Hyun Woo & Jung Eunji from Trot Lovers


Latest addition to Trot Lovers (English Title: Lovers of Music) promotional stills is Shin Sung Rok who is playing the president of a talent agency, Jo Geun Woo. In the drama his character will be of powerful aid or has a hand in helping female lead Jung Eunji‘s music career.


Jo Geun Woo is a free spirited sort of character who is reliable but has a cynical attitude towards life. Yet he is humourous and has his ways with words. Hmm… it’s an entirely opposite to his previous role – very interesting and more importantly, will he become a love rival to Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo)?


Since more and more stills get released I decided to split yesterday’s post and combine Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eunji stills with  this post.


Next up we have KBS2 upcoming drama Trot Lovers also releasing character stills for promotion and Ji Hyun Woo’s character stills are really boring to look at because:

(1) it does not tell me much of what is going on in that scene

(2) It looks more like a behind the scene shots

(3) his facial expression does not indicate any trait of his character set up.


Next character stills from today is Choi Choon Hee (Jung Eunji) and again it is also boring with pictures of her happily practice singing in a karaoke room. The song she was reportedly singing is ‘Being with you’ (Literal translation). So since we aren’t given much interesting or spoilerific sort of stills to peek into, I supposed we’ll just enjoy looking at the stars as it is if you are a fan of them 🙂

1401340610-31401340625-61Source: TopStarNews | Osen | KoreaStarDaily | Sports World | ENews


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    Am sure it’s going to be an epic; even if it may not be so for some ppl, it will be 4 me =)
    Am very much looking forward this
    great cast, especially EUNJIaa=)=)♡♡
    Thx 😉


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