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I have had plenty of things to say right after I watched both episode 7-8, but now that I had let the emotions calm and settle in – I suddenly don’t know where to start. First of all, I think I would like to take back of one thing I’ve said about Park Hoon‘s ability being normal or grounded, lol! Okay it’s not, especially with the way it was done in the latest episodes. But it doesn’t take away the fact that all these fantasy medical scenes are still interesting to watch.


I am pretty sure all audiences are now in unison in believing Seung Hee = Jae Hee. At least I am 90% sure they are the same person; however, I still am wondering how good will Jae Hee have to be in controlling her emotions, or desire to run to Hoon? I’m certain she is Jae Hee only because (1) why would a stranger smile at Hoon with so much love? (2) she really wants to help Hoon to operate on the baby, thus she risked plotting against/behind Comrade Cha’s back. She didn’t stray away from her mission, but she is definitely wavering between achieving her mission and help Hoon.

Episode 7 was awesome because I got a fantastic scene from Lee Jong Suk. That was some impressive and powerful outburst of emotions – very infectious as it torn my heart, and made me bawled my eyes out along with his anguish. Then in episode 8, I got a humorous scene of Hoon being sandwiched by 3 girls, and an emotional scene by Seung Hee (Jin Se Yeon) and Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra).

I particularly liked Soo Hyun’s scene, where she at first tried her best to withheld her tears, because we know all these years she tries to be tough. My heart squeezed each time I watched her wipe every single tears that uncontrollably flow out of her eyes, poor thing. Kudos to Kang So Ra’s wonderful performance there.


It’s no surprise that Soo Hyun’s relationship with Jae Joon will never work, with him toying with her feelings and abusing his power. I get he’s falling for her and trying to deny it, but whatever he is doing, instead of making her stay, he’s pushing her towards Hoon. I love her friendship with Hoon A LOT! It was very heart felt and just what she needed to hear when Hoon appeared to ask her to be his first hand in the operation.

Oh I was surprised that Jae Joon is linked to the lawsuit back in 1994, that was a good set up, and I had thought the show is going to withheld this information a bit longer, but who knows, it gets revealed immediately in the next episode. The insertion of cameo by Zhang Liang (Park Hae Jin‘s Chinese buddy) felt a little out-of-place especially you have him first speak fluent English, and then the two suddenly change to speaking Chinese – what the hell and why for?


I’m pretty sure EVERYONE is puzzled by silly Assemblyman Jang‘s action to move mountains or rivers in order for Hoon to be hired back in Myeong Woo University Hospital, but only to change his mind and abandon him. I think first and foremost it would be a better idea not to over-think this, although my simple explanation would be he wanted Hoon because he’s the best & because he must have striked a deal with North Korea, but then Hoon is like a wild and loose tiger which he cannot control and bribe. It’s too risky so he would rather choose Jae Joon – who is equally good and much easier to control since he finds out what Jae Joon’s desire is.


Upon receiving Chang Yi’s phone call regarding Jae Hee/Seung Hee possibly in danger, Park Hoon wants to leave the hospital but is stopped by Oh Soo Hyun. On the other hand, Jae Joon team started the operation on time while Park Hoon team can only wait because Seung Hee has not arrived…

Chinese Translation by: Baidu Lee Jong Suk

Upon reading the text preview, I am a little disappointed to find Hoon wanting to leave the baby. Whatever happen to saving the poor babies’ lives? Did he momentarily put his selfishness before saving lives until Soo Hyun stops him? But one way or the other, I supposed without Seung Hee, they can’t proceed with the operation anyway, but honestly, is there no other anesthesiologists? Tsk! [黑线]





Gahhhhh~ these two seriously!!! If they aren’t playing antagonistic in the show they actually look fantastic as buddies! But can I at least hope in the end Jae Joon will work together with Hoon because their enemies are the same?


Hee… I always love behind the scenes and seeing actors working hard but enjoying it / having fun as a team.



Pwahahaha! I just had to include this one because it is soooooooooooo CUTE! It was cute enough that Hoon climbed into the nurse’s house with that dodgy facial expression and knocking his bum onto the bathtub but seeing it being turned into big bobbly head and parodied with his best buddy Kim Woo Bin is extra extra awesome. 😀 Oh even if without his RL buddy, the combination of Dr. Moon and Hoon are comedic enough in the show, ❤ it!



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  1. The scene when they were at the Caffè is the most embarrassing and awkward feeling :-D. 😉
    I love when he ask for(I forgot her namr)to be his first hand ❤
    Is the chive of nurses and her husband, North korean????
    I'm totally in love with the episodes 7&8
    Thank you I loved this post @):-


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