[Drama News] Arrogant Chaebol Jang Hyuk’s First Look in Fated to Love You


あの (Ano)… [疑问] I’m a little puzzled with the wardrobe department for Jang Hyuk’s character Lee Gun from MBC’s upcoming drama Fated to Love You. What is that he’s wearing? *SHOCK* [吃惊]

The vertical blue stripe shirt and green tie paired with what colour would you call that suit – light brown (?) – does not give out the image of a sophisticated chaebol heir but rather someone who suddenly becomes filty rich and trying hard to look good in suit. Someone of the like of nouveau riche status, HAHAHA!

Perhaps we should assume the wardrobe is part of the comedy for his character too? I think the only thing that’s not out of place is his leather shoes and sunglasses, all others including the hairstyle and blue colour coffee cup look out-of-place, LOL! I’m really interested to know what his character set-up is like for him to wear such odd combination of an outfit! [哈哈]

Off topic a little but why can’t he sport a look like Gong Yoo who recently shot a CF and him looking like a Coffee Prince making coffee?

42461-238657[偷笑] Isn’t Gong Yoo gorgeous? Aish~ when oh when will these talented actors/actresses return to the small screen and satiate our drama thirst? ** End of off-topic **

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  1. Hi! I think they could’ve gone with a sharp classic look like the one GY sports here but they have made a conscious decision to make Lee Gun look more comical? I thought he looked funny and I already feel the arrogant chaebol vibe because of his expression. I’m ready to love to hate him (I have a thing against chaebols but love Jang Hyuk)

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