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The hype is now over and if last year’s SBS Drama Awards was all about The Heirs then 50th Baeksang Arts Awards is all about My Love From the Stars ๐Ÿ˜› The most epic moment was when Lyn sang My Destiny, the music stopped and the screens started to play the scene from episode 11 where Song Yi tried to seduce Do Min Joon. Oh dear~ Jeon Ji Hyun was embarrassed although Soo Hyun was calm and then BOOM ~ it’s kissing scenes on every single big screens on the stage. That was one awesome sight and awkward moment for the both of them. But then that was not the end of it, the song ended with the red carpet kiss displaying on all big screens. HAHAHAHAHA! I just had to laugh. It would have been super duper awesome to be watching that live as a Stars fan.

As usual the fashion for the men are always less interesting than the women where all we see is the normal black suit but I kind of prefer they keep it simple and traditional rather than go all fluorescene or something! Call me conservative, I’m just not used to funny colours.

Anyway, here’s the winner’s list!


Best Picture: The Attorney
Director Award: Bong Joon Hoย (The Snowpiercer)
Actor Top Excellence Award: Sol Kyung Gu (Hope)
Actress Top Excellence Award: Shim Eun Kyung (Miss Granny)
Supporting Actor Award: Lee Jung Jae (The Face Reader)
Supporting Actress Award: Jin Kyung (Cold Eyes)
New Actor Award:ย Kim Soo Hyun (Secretly, Greatly)
New Actress Award: Kim Hyang Gi (Elegant Lie)
New Director Award: Yang Woo Seok (The Attorney)
Screenplay Award: Kim Ji Hye (Hope)
Actor Popularity Award: Kim Soo Hyun (Secretly, Greatly)
Actress Popularity Award: Kwon Yuri (No Breathing)
Daesang: Song Kang Ho (The Face Reader, The Attorney)


I hadn’t seen most of the nominated movies so I seriously can’t comment much about it but a huge congratulation to Lee Jung Jae and Song Kang Ho for The Face Reader and Shim Eun Kyung for Miss Granny. I had seen these 2 movies so I can say I thoroughly enjoyed their performances especially Lee Jung Jae and Song Kang Ho. As for Kim Soo Hyun winning the New Actor Award in Movie category, that is no surprise there. He was up against very talented nominees but this year is definitely his year so he gets it first.


Best Drama: Good Doctor
Director Award: Ahn Pan Suk (Secret Love Affair)
Best Script Award: Jung Sung Joo (Secret Love Affair)
Actor Top Excellence Award: Jo Jae Hyun (Jung Do Jeon)
Actress Top Excellence Award:ย Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
New Actor Award: Jung Woo (Reply1994)
New Actress Award: Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki)
Actor Popularity Award:ย Kim Soo Hyun (My Love From the Stars)
Actress Popularity Award: Park Shin Hye (The Heirs)
Male Variety Award: Shin Dong Yub (Witch Hunt)
Female Variety Award: Kim Young Hee (Gag Concert)
Best Variety Program Award: Grandpas Over Flowers
Best Educational Program Award:
I Want To Know That
OST Award:
Lyn (My Destiny)
Fashion Awards:
Im Si Wan, Kim Hee Ae
Best Style Award:
Jeon Ji Hyun
Daesang: Jeon Ji Hyun (My Love From the Stars)


As predicted, My Love From the Stars Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun are the big winners ๐Ÿ˜€ Their thank you speeches left the drama fans and shippers plenty to swoon about too. When Soo Hyun receives both his popularity awards, he throws out at the end with: “Chun Song Yi ssi, saranghamida” and Jeon Ji Hyun saying to him, “Not having to go back to your stars (home) but stayed behind on earth Do Min Joon ssi, Soo Hyun-ah, nomu gomao, thank you really, let’s work together again.” (See Tumblr) Now now, can this two be less subtle? Hahaha! โค โค โค

Red Carpet Fashion Parade

42442-238558 42442-238563

Jeon Ji Hyun was absolutely gorgeous in this peach-pink colour dress she wore. It is no wonder she was given the Best Style Award. I hadn’t seen this award coming but okay, she truly deserves it. She not only looks beautiful but she was elegant and charismatic on the red carpet and even when she walked up to the stage. The aura she exudes is just not the same compared to the other actresses. โค

42442-238567 6039d04agw1egt4m9157jj20rs15otan

Kim Soo Hyun looks gentlemanly and handsome but plays it safe with a black fitted suit. I actually like that he plays it safe rather than go all flowery or wearing some extravagant colourful suit. This at least tells me this is the Kim Soo Hyun I know. โค

201405272002770286_538471651e659 42455-238617

Trot Lover‘s Shin Sung Rok and Jung Eunji walk the red carpet together with matching black and white ๐Ÿ™‚ Gosh~ they are so adorable together โค

42442-238566 42455-238623

Meanwhile sweet looking Go Ara shows off her slim body in all white baring her back and her co-star Jung Woo from Reply 1994 is sported with plain black and white suit.

42442-238577 20140527205828_53847de461f3d_1

Lee Bo Young is gorgeous and elegant in this all-white long dress. I like how she always goes for the simple look but they are never boring. I’m happy that she won Best Actress but feels a little sad that that is all the I Hear Your Voice team won. I think instead of Good Doctor winning the Best Drama category, it should have been I Hear Your Voice as I think overall this drama was the best in terms of executing the story-telling, direction, cinematography and script-writing (okay, minus the court scenes).

42442-238571 6d1a569dgw1egsx4rlsusj20f00pk76h

Kim Hee Ae from Secret Love Affairs looks gorgeous in that dress and is no wonder she won the Fashion Awards along with Im Si Wan of ZE:A tonight.

1401186253_704579 1401192870_704726 704_1324649_492565

Actress Shim Eun Kyung (My Runaway Nodame is what I call her now) gave me a shock when she went on stage and turned around to deliver her speech. All I saw was a screwed up face and for a moment I had thought something bad happened. Then it sunk in that she was breaking down from having the big honour of receiving the Actress Top Excellence Award in the movie category. LOL!

42442-238575 42442-238574

Yeo Jin Goo lost the New Actor Award to his The Moon That Embraces the Sun hyung Kim Soo Hyun in the movie category. It’s okay, you are still young and your time will come. Lee Byung Hun also attended the ceremony.

42455-238607 201405272039772187_53847a508323a

Taecyeon of 2PM attended the award show as a presenter and it was extremely heart-warming to see him present the award to Kim Soo Hyun (his co-star in Dream High) and Baro of B1A4 was here for a nomination.

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Yuri of Girl’s Generation and Park Shin Hye won the Actress Popularity Award for movie category – No Breathing and TV category – The Heirs. Yuri’s dress reminds me of peacock with the fur look-alike design representing the feathers and the long dress at the back as the peacock’s tail.

As for Shin Hye’s dress – she looks super plain and boring in black. I think the lace cardigan and the knee-length dress make her look old and as usual she plays it safe, too safe actually. She would have looked a lot more stunning if she had worn what she wore in her recent photoshoot for the fashion magazines.

774136_714625_1854 7bf960a613e9f3ed1e2c7a6b63c3e2d5

I really like Kim Ji Soo‘s dress – simple but beautifully eye-catching in blue.

42455-238622 201405271909773368_53846615f2d24

Choi Jin Hyuk – my heart bleeds for you for not winning the New Actor Award – TV Category for Gu Family Book even though I think you are in the industry long enough not to be nominated for ‘New’ but I supposed this award can be looked upon as a ‘Breakthrough Performance’ Award.

42455-238611 43d0b7274d1434de4f7144d5df048cb0

Min Do Hee of Tiny-G was cute in the green (?) short dress while Baek Jin Hee is elegant in the long white dress. I think among all the white dresses I’ve seen, Baek Jin Hee’s is the best.

42455-238616 42455-238606

Son Tae Young and Han Groo went with very simple dresses which I think comes across as boring especially Sohn Tae Young’s. Han Groo’s at least looks sweet but simple.

42455-238610 bsa14_jinkyung4

Lyn definitely wore a better dress during her performance on stage and Jin Kyung and her dress just… doesn’t do it for me but it’s not bad.

201405272038779992_5384798bb17b5 bsa14_leejungjae4

Park Seo Joon (Witch’s Romance) attended the event as a presenter – he looks dashing. Hehehe and I found some cute photos of him below too. Just had to share, lol! Lee Jung Jaeย is rocking the badass on the red carpet and is that a leather sling specially made for the occasion? โค

42442-238559 201405271953777857_53846efd20208

Kim Ah Joong and Shin Dong Yub are tonight’s MCs whereas Lee Chun Hee presented the Popularity Awards for both movie and TV categories.

201405271937779779_53846b7837390 201405271957776008_5384705e26cd7

Sunbae-nim Son Hyun Joo is a presenter of the night while Jo Jae Hyun took home the Actor Top Excellence Award – TV Category.


BACKSTAGE & Miscellaneous Cute Photos

A reunion of the young Granny and Grandpa from Miss Granny, hahahaha ~ ! I think it would be cool if these two can work together in a movie or drama in the future. I look forward to it!

So they didn’t walk the red carpet together but I’m happy enough that they sat together the whole night! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

Is Kim Hee Ae and Son Hyun Joo reminiscing Chun Song Yi pinching Do Min Joon?

Pwahahahahahaha @ Park Seo Joon ~ so there are free ice creams for the kids in the backstage? ๐Ÿ˜€


Gosh Matilda Tao from Taiwan! I had thought it was all an act when I saw her getting all excited over Kim Soo Hyun’s guest appearance in the China’s TV program Super Brain. It was just done to make the show seem more interesting but looks like I was wrong because she is in love with Do Min Joon ssi. Hahaha! [ๅ“ˆๅ“ˆ]She has posted blurry pictures of Soo Hyun walking up the stage to receive his first award and when she was the presenter of Popularity Award, she took out her phone and snap pictures of Kim Soo Hyun as he arrived on the stage, LOL! Talk about crazy in love! [ๅ“ˆๅ“ˆ]

Bopv8dwIAAESLfn.jpg large95db6273tw1egv263n1toj21kw2dcnk5

This. This is what I was talking about in the introduction of this post. LOL! EPIC! And this epic sight is now on YouTube and Fan Cam! [ๅ“ˆๅ“ˆ]
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