Who’s Excited for 50th Baeksang Arts Awards Tonight?


I haven’t been excited about an award show for … let’s just say a very loooong time, and the arrival of tonight’s 50th Baeksang Arts Awards has gotten me all hyped up. I think the main reason being, a lot of the stars that got nominated are the ones I currently like, and think have plenty of potentials in their acting careers. Not to mention I get to see them all dress up, preferbly not in flowery design, please! EXO’s fans also get to see EXO-K performing their new song Overdose and Lyn will sing My Destiny on stage.

There is a saying that usually in the Korean award systems, the stars that announced they will attend the award ceremonies mean they are winning, so it’s pretty much a sure win for the Stars couple then? 😀 Both Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun have confirmed to attend and no news on if they will walk the red carpet together, but I really hope they will. Back in 2012, I had hoped to see the imja couple – Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun walk the red carpet for Faith in SBS drama award, but that never happened so now I’m putting all my hopes in Stars couple because their chances is so much higher, and they should receive the attention and love together as ‘one’, so I’m praying hard and saying pleaseeeee, grant me this wish.


Disclaimer: This is just my blabbering post, not a post for the results of the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards.

I’m in a bit of a dilemma for Best TV Drama since it’s the battle between two of my favourites – I Hear Your Voice and My Love From the Stars. 😥 But the scale in my heart is definitely weighing heavier for My Love from the Stars since I’m prepared if those two are not going to walk the red carpet together, then at least I need them to stand on the stage together to receive this award.

There were fierce battles between the fans when it comes to voting for the Popularity Awards – TV section. The result is that first time in history, Kim Soo Hyun will receive two popularity awards for both TV and Movie sections – this boy had better thank his fans since they have spent god knows how much money voting and making sure he wins both. I admire the fans’ devotion, although I don’t fully support the idea of them spending so much money for him, BUT it’s definitely going to be a once in a lifetime memorable gift for him, I am sure. On the hand, I’m sad to find out Jeon Ji Hyun is only ranking 3rd for popularity award in the TV section, and it was a fierce battle between SNSD’s Yoona and Park Shin Hye, in which Park Shin Hye will take home the popularity award tonight. I supposed the national goddess has already built up her popularity locally and around the globe;thus, she doesn’t need it, but since she is attending, that can only mean she is winning another award, and most likely she’s taking home Actress Top Excellence award – TV Section. Yay, fingers crossed! ❤

Gaaaahhhhhh~ another dilemma in the Actor Top Excellence – TV section whereby it is Kim Soo Hyun vs Lee Jong Suk; Joo Won and Yoo Ah In are also nominated for Good Doctor and Secret Love Affairs respectively. *Pulling hairs* They are all strong contenders but my biases is kicking in so it’s either Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Jong Suk for me. :p Unfortunately, there is no news whether Lee Jong Suk will attend since he’s fairly busy filming for Doctor Stranger, so I can’t predict the outcome of it by attendance (ahem). However, Kim Woo Bin is said to not able to attend as he needs to film his movie. Woo Bin is going up against strong contenders – Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Joon, Yeo Jin Gu and Im Si Wan for the New Actor Awards – Movie section. La~ la~ la I can’t wait!

The award ceremony will start 6:20 PM KST on jTBC live

Source: TV Report