[Drama News] The Night Watchman Confirms Jung Il Woo and Yunho & Courted Go Sung Hee


A big hurray to Jung Il Woo‘s fans as the man has confirmed to lead  in the upcoming MBC’s fantasy sageuk drama The Night Watchman (previously known as The Night Watchman’s Journal). Meanwhile news broke out today that TVXQ’s Yunho is also confirmed and become the latest addition to the drama whereas relatively newcomer actress Go Sung Hee is reported to be have been offered to play the leading lady role.

Jung Il Woo is set to play a rebellious, bad prince who has beauty, reputation and money named Lee RinHowever he has some unknown inner pain and has the ability to see ghost (Oh right, of course this is the prerequisite for a Night Watchman). He then became a night watchman aka. ghost buster who gradually learns about his people through the journey of ghost busting and eventually became a better person. Jung Il Woo says that it is his first time doing this kind of role, he is nervous but mostly he’s excited.

On the other hand, Jung Yunho of TVXQ will play (Note: this is vague!) an innocently pure hearted man with a handsome appearance and has a calm but stubborn personality. Although he’s popular with the ladies but he only has his eyes and heart for one woman (… well, this must be the leading lady, right?).

The leading lady role hasn’t been confirmed and Go Sung Hee is reportedly to have received the offer but until we get confirmation, I rather wait and see. I am not familiar with her as she is a fairly new actress who only debuted last year. She is possibly most well-known as the rival beauty pageant to Lee Yeon Hee in Miss Korea. Since I didn’t watch Miss Korea I cannot comment about her acting ability, but I have heard there are some negative reviews from other viewers. I guess everyone needs to start somewhere and improve although being casted as a lead may not be the way to go for a newbie, however, I of course hope for the best from her if she will indeed play the leading lady of this drama.

One thing I am very sure of is that the storyline will revolve around these 3 men fighting for one lady so I hope whoever plays the leading lady is convincing to the audiences that her character is worthy of them to fight for as I’m especially not fond of triangle… wait, I mean quadrangle love. Sighhh~

Source: Sports Chosun | Osen | StarNews